Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Nintendo - Famicom Disk System No-Intro 20101227 Update

Famicom Disk System Photo

"Zelda no Densetsu - The Hyrule Fantasy (Japan) (Proto).fds" size="131000" crc="2f222391" md5="d295f0282b1a8718a189af3d2cf3dc8f" sha1="2c3ff158c3716abb66677d149b3e1d23993c1bfe"

Download Nintendo - Famicom Disk System No-Intro 20101227 Update


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Nintendo - Famicom Disk System No-Intro 20101223 Update

Famicom Disk System Photo

"Koneko Monogatari - The Adventures of Chatran (Japan) (Sample).fds" size="131000" crc="3438794b" md5="38078e2e3b6a01473874608f1362c35a" sha1="f94f3385dacf10bde040494742657bf44e764eb3"

Download Nintendo - Famicom Disk System No-Intro 20101223 Update:


Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Share your ROMs!

Nobody is really using our forum so I decided to reduce it to just one category: Share. You need to be a registered user to see it. If you are you can request missing ROMs and help other people to find it. Please let me know if there are any problems with posting.

2011 Calendar

2010 is almost over so it's a good time to get a new calendar for the next year. I found a nice one, created by Moonie for the SV2k10 party. Have a look at http://atarionline.pl for more details. Use Google Translator if you don't speak polish :-p You can get the calendar from atarionline or this link.

A few screenshots:


Monday, 13 December 2010

NES Ports, Hacks, Pirated, MiltiCart roms (CaH4e3) - Updated

The old pack of the CaH4e3 NES ROMs is gone from RS servers for a long time so here is a new and updated set:

10-in-1 Omake Game (FC Mobile)[U][!].nes
100-in-1 (MG109)[p1][!].nes
100-in-1 Arcade Action II (AT-103)(Unl)[U][!].nes
10000000-in-1 [p1][!].nes
106-in-1 [p1].nes
116-in-1 (GK-192 board) [!].nes
118-in-1 (GK-192 board) [!].nes
1200-in-1 [p1].nes
15-in-1 [p2].nes
150-in-1 [p1].nes
1997-in-1 [p1][!].nes
2-in-1 Cosmo Cop (Light gun) (Sachen) [U][!].nes
2-in-1 Street Dance + Hit Mouse (Unl) [U][!].nes
2-in-1 Tough Cop (Light gun) (Sachen) [U][!].nes
20-in-1 (15in1, 80in1, 160in1) [p1][U][!].nes
200-in-1 - Elfland (Unl)[U][!].nes
21-in-1 [2006-CA].nes
260-in-1 [p1][!].nes
3-in-1 (N068) [p1][U][!].nes
3-in-1 [p2].nes
35-in-1 [p1].nes
36-in-1 [p1].nes
4-in-1 (D-010) [p1][U][!].nes
4-in-1 (FK23C8078) [p1][U][!].nes
4-in-1 (FK23C8244) [p1][U][!].nes
4-in-1 (JY-066) [p1][U][!].nes
4-in-1 (K4033)[p1][!].nes
4-in-1 1993 (CK-001)[U][!].nes
4-in-1 Benshieng (BS-7083)[U][!].nes
4-in-1 Benshieng (BS-7090)[U][!].nes
4-in-1 Benshieng (BS-7092)[U][!].nes
400-in-1 [p1][U][!].nes
42-in-1 (Reset Switch) [U][p1][!].nes
45-in-1 (JY-120A)(As) [U][!].nes
45-in-1 (Unl) (As) [f1].nes
46-in-1 (D1038) [p1][U][!].nes
6-in-1 (KY-6006) [p1][U][!].nes
6-in-1 (KY-6009) [p1][U][!].nes
64-in-1 (No Repeat) [U][p1][!].nes
64-in-1 [p2].nes
65-in-1 (NT766) [p1][U][!].nes
7-in-1 [p1][U][!].nes
70-in-1 [U][p1][!].nes
700-in-1 [p1][U][!].nes
73-in-1 (GK-192 board) [!].nes
74-in-1 (NT886) [p1][U][!].nes
75 Bingo (Sachen) [U].nes
77-in-1 (NT141) [p1][U][!].nes
8-in-1 (A-020) [p1][U][!].nes
8-in-1 Supergame (KY8002) [p1][U][!].nes
8-in-1 [p1].nes
800-in-1 [U][p1][!].nes
9-in-1 (KY-9005) [p1][U][!].nes
98-in-1 (GK-192 board) [!].nes
9999-in-1 [p1][!].nes
9999999-in-1 [p2].nes
9999999-in-1 [p3].nes
Aladdin (Super Game)(Unl)[!].nes
Aladdin - Return of Jaffar, The [p1].nes
Aladdin 4 (Unl) [p1].NES
Aladdin 4 (Unl) [p2].NES
Almana no Kiseki (Unl) (FDS Conversion)[U][!].nes
Aobocco Wars [p1][!].nes
Arkanoid (R).nes
ASDER 20-in-1 (Unl)[U][!].nes
AV Kyuukyoku Mahjong 2 (As)[!].nes
AV Pretty Girl Fight (Unl) (As) [a1].nes
AV Strip Mahjong (As) [!].nes
Balda (BBG) (R) [!].nes
Balda (Rusian).nes
Ball Story - Jong Yuk Chuen Suet Fa Jong II (Unl) [!].nes
Banana (J) (Redump) [!].nes
Batman & Flash (Monsters in my Pocket Hack) [p1].nes
Batman Returns (U) [p1][!] (830428C, JYV423).nes
Batsu & Terii (R) [!].nes
Battletoads Double Dragon (U) [h1].nes
BB Car (As) [!].nes
BMX Simulator (2 Joys).nes
Bonza (Rev A)(R)[!].nes
Bonza (Rev B)(R)[!].nes
Boogerman (Sugar Softec) (Unl)[!].nes
Caesars Palace (UNROM).nes
Captain Skyhawk (R)[!].nes
Captain Tsubasa Vol. II - Super Striker (Arabic) (Unl) [!].nes
Challenge of the Dragon (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Chess Academys (fami cart) (Sachen) [U][!].nes
China Rabbit Baby (Pirate Original).nes
Chinese Checkers (fami cart) (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Chinese Checkers (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Chip & Dale 3 (Heavy Barrel Hack) [p1].nes
Contra (+4 menu).nes
Contra (+4 menu)[o1].nes
Contra (R) [!].nes
Contra Fighter (Unl) [U][!].nes
Contra Spirits (As) [!].nes
Cvetnie Linii (Color Lines) (Russian)(PAL)[!].nes
D.J. Boy (Rollergames Hack) [p1] .nes
Dancing Blocks (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Darkwing Duck 2 (Super Contra hack) [p1].nes
Domkey Kong (Tiny Toon Adventures) [p1][!].nes
Donkey Kong Country 4 (Pirate Original).nes
Dragon, The (As)[p1][!] (M8002).nes
DreamGEAR 75-in-1 (Unl)[!].bin
DreamGEAR 75-in-1 (Unl)[U][!].nes
Duck Tales III (Duck Tales) [p1][!].nes
Duck Tales III (R) [!].nes
Earth Worm Jim 2 (Pirate Original) (Dr.Titus).nes
Earth Worm Jim 2 (Pirate Original) [U][!].nes
Earth Worm Jim 2 (Pirate Original).nes
Earth Worm Jim 3 (Unl) [p1][a1].nes
Education Computer 26-in-1 (R)[!].nes
Education Computer 32-in-1 (Game Star)(Unl)[!].nes
Education Computer 48-in-1 (Game Star)(Unl)[!].nes
Educational Computer 2000 (Ru) [U][!].nes
Famicon Yarou Vol.1 7-in-1 (Unl) (J) [!].nes
Famicon Yarou Vol.5 7-in-1 (Unl) (J) [!].nes
Felix vs Jerry (Unl) [!].nes
Ferrari - Grand Prix Challenge (U) [p2][hM04].nes
FIFA 97 International Soccer [p1].nes
FIFA 99 (Unl)[!].nes
Final Combat (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Final Combat (Sachen) (fami cart) [U][!].nes
Flintstones 2 - The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak!, The (U) [h1].nes
Forcity (Jackal hack) [p1].nes
Fortuna (R)[!].nes
France 98 (Unl) [!].nes
Gaiapolis (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Galactic Crusader (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
GLK Dance (FengLi) (As) [!].nes
Goal 3 (Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League hack) [p1].nes
Golden Axe IV (Unl)[!].nes
Golden Card 6-in-1 (SPC009) (Super Game) [!].nes
Golden KTV (As)[!].nes
Great Wall, The (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (U) [p1].nes
Happy Pairs (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Harry Potter (Pirate Original).nes
Harry Potter (Unl) (English Title) [p2].nes
Harry Story (Unl) [!].nes
Harvest Moon (C) [!].nes
Hector 87 (J) [!].nes
Hell Fighter (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Honey Peach (Sachen) [U][f1].nes
Hunt for the Red October, The [p1].nes
Jimmy Connor's Tennis (R) [!].nes
Jimmy Connor's Tennis (U) [p1].nes
Joe & Mac (U) [p1].nes
Jurassic Boy (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Jurassic Park - The Lost World (Unl)[!].nes
Juuouki (J) [p1].nes
King of Fighters 97 (Rex Soft.) [U][!].nes
Korean Igo (Unl) [U][!].nes
Last Ninja, The [p1].nes
LIKO Study Cartridge 3-in-1 [!].nes
Lion King 3 - Simon and Pumba.nes
Lion King 5, The (Unl) [!].nes
Lion King, The (1995) (Unl) [!].nes
Lion King, The (Mapper 4) (L-N1) [p1][!].nes
Little Mermaid (J) [p1].nes
Little Mermaid (R) [!].nes
Locksmith (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Lucky 777 (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
M.C. Mario (M.C. Kids hack) [p1].nes
Mach Rider (JU)[p1].nes
Magic Bubble (Unl) [!].nes
Magic Cube (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Magic Jewelry 2 (As) [!].nes
Magical Mathematics (Sachen) (copy prot) [U][!].nes
Magistr v1.0 (Subor v1.0 hack) (Russian).nes
Mahjan Samit Kabukicho Hen (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Mahjong World (Sacneh) (fami cart) [U][!].nes
Mahjong World (Sacneh) [U][!].nes
Mario 16 (Joe & Mac Hack) [p1].nes
Mario Fighter III (Unl) [!].nes
Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Master Fighter II (As) [!].nes
Matsumoto Tooru no Kabushiki Hisshou Gaku (J) [!].nes
Menu9999999in1 [p1][b1].nes
Menu9999in1 [p1][b1].nes
Metal Fighter (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Mi Hun Che (As) [U][p1].nes
Mickey Mania 7 (Pirate Origianl).nes
Mighty Bomb Jack (J) (VS).nes
Mighty Bomb Jack (U) (185 mapper).nes
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (Unl) [!].nes
Millionaire (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Mission Impossible (U) [p1].nes
Morskoy Boy (Russian).nes
Mortal Combat 3 Extra 60 [M-E3] (Pirate Original).nes
Mortal Kombat 3 (18p) (YH2001) [p1][U][!].nes
Mortal Kombat 3 - Special 56 Peoples (Unl) [!].nes
Mortal Kombat 4 (8p) [p1][U][!].nes
Mortal Kombat 6 (Unprotected)(Unl).nes
Mortal Kombat 7 (Unprotected)(Unl).nes
Mortal Kombat II (Blue Version)(Unl)[!].nes
Mortal Kombat II (Original) [p1][!].NES
Mortal Kombat II (Rev. B)(Unl) [!].nes
Mortal Kombat II Special (Pirate Original)[p1][!].nes
Mortal Kombat III Special (Pirate Original)[p1][!].nes
Mortal Kombat V Pro [p1][U][!].nes
Moster Inc. (Menu removed)(Unl).nes
NARC (R) [f1].nes
New 4-in-1 Supergame (YH4239) [p1][U][!].nes
Panda Prince, The (Shin-Shin) (Unl) [!].nes
Panda World (Unl).nes
Panic Restaurant (U) [p1].nes
Penguin & Seal (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Pizza Pop Mario (Unl) [!].nes
Pocket Monster (Pirate Original) [!].nes
Poke Tetris (Unl) [bad rom].nes
Pokemon 2000 (Mitsume ga tooru Hack) [p1][!].nes
Pokemon 4-in-1 (Union Bond G-0001) (Pirate Original).nes
Pokemon Silver (Little Nemo hack) [p1].nes
Poker 2 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Poker III 5-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Poker Mahjong (Sacneh) [U][!].nes
Pole Tchudes (Russian).nes
Pole Tchudes 2 (Russian).nes
Popeye 2 - Travels in Persia (Unl) [!].nes
Popo Team (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Power Rangers (Unl)[!].nes
Power Rangers III (Pirate Original).nes
Power Rangers IV (Pirate Original).nes
Prince of Persia (R) [!].nes
Prince of Persia (U) [h1].nes
Puteshestvie po Europe (Russian).nes
Pyramd (fami cart) (Sachen) [!].nes
Pyramid 2 (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Q-Boy (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Red Pig (Tale Spin hack) [p1].nes
Return of the Jedi (Zen Intergalactic Ninja hack) [p1].nes
Robocop 4 (Robocop 3 hack) [p2].nes
Rockball (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Seicross (J) (Redump) [!].nes
Shanghi (J) (Redump) [!].nes
Shanghi (J) (Sample) [!].nes
Shisen Mahjian 2 (As) [!].nes
Sidewinder (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Silent Assult (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Silk 2 (Unl)[!].nes
Silver Eagle (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Simbas v1.0 (Subor v1.0 hack) (Russian).nes
Soap Panic (Hacker) [f1].nes
Sonic (Adventure Island hack) [p1].nes
Spiderman 2 (Unl) [bad rom].nes
Strategist (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Strategist (Sachen) [U][a1][!].nes
Street Fighter V (20 peoples) (Unl) (Pirate Original).NES
Street Heroes (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Study Box (Fukutake Shoten) (J) [!].nes
SuborV10 (Russian).nes
SuborWin 2000 (R)[!].nes
Sugoro Quest - Dice no Senshitachi (As) [a1].nes
Suikan Pipe (Gimmick Bootleg) (As) [!].nes
Super 308 3-in-1 (Super Game) [!].nes
Super Cartridge Version 1 - 4-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Cartridge Version 2 - 10-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Cartridge Version 3 - 8-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Cartridge Version 4 - 6-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Cartridge Version 5 - 7-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Cartridge Version 6 - 6-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Cartridge Version 7 - 4-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Cartridge Version 8 - 4-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Cartridge Version 9 - 3-in-1 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Contra 2 (As) [p1][G-135].nes
Super Contra 6 [p1].nes
Super Contra 8 (Unl) [!].nes
Super HIK 300-in-1 (1994).nes
Super HIK 8-in-1 King fighter [U](Correct CHR Bank Order)[p1].nes
Super Lion King 2, The (Unl)[!].nes
Super Mario & Sonic 2 (As) [!].nes
Super Mario Bros. 6 (Tiny Toon hack) [p1].nes
Super Mario Kart Raider (Top Rider Hack)[p1][!].nes
Super Mario World (Full Version) [p1].nes
Super Mario World 9 (Adventure Island hack) [p1].nes
Super Pang (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Pang 2 (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Super Robin Hood [p1].nes
Super Shinobi, The (Super Game) [!].nes
Sweet Home (J) [!].nes
Tai Wan Ma Que 16 (Mahjong 16) (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Shima III (J) [p1].nes
Tasac (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Tatakae!! Rahmen Man - Sakuretsu Choujin 102 Gei (J) [a1] [!].nes
Tecmo NBA Basketball (U) [p1].NES
Tekken 3 [p1][h1].nes
Teletubbies 2000 (Unl)[!].nes
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (U) [p1].nes
Text Editor (Russian).nes
Thunderbolt 2 (As) [!].nes
Tiny Toon 4 (Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout, The hack) [p1].nes
Tiny Toon Adentures 6 (Pirate Original) [!].nes
Toita Basketball (Taito Basketball Hack) [p1].nes
Top Gun III (Flight of the Intruder hack) [p1].NES
Twin Eagle (Sachen) (72 pin cart) [U][!].nes
Ugadayka (Russian).nes
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Unl) [!].nes
Urban Strike (Cobra Mission Hack) [p1][hM01].nes
Videopoker Bonza (Rev A)(R)[!].nes
Videopoker Bonza (Rev B)(R)[!].nes
Volshebnaya Palitra (Russian) [p1].nes
Warioland II (Unl)[!].nes
Windows 2000 (Ch)[!].nes
World of Card Game, The (Sachen) [U][!].nes
Wrecking Crew (JUE)[p1].nes
Yuu Yuu Hakusho 97 V (Unl) [!].nes

Download CaH4e3 ROMs from Megaupload:


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Apple 1 for Sale

If you collect old computers you might be interested with this one. Apple 1 assembled by Steve Wozniak and dispatched from his garage in 1976. Originally priced at $666.66. If you have some spare cash visit Christie's auction.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned

"Four years after the events of the second game, Gabriel and Grace are asked by the exiled Prince of Albany to protect his newborn son from a centuries old family threat which appears to be a group of vampires. Shortly afterwards, the boy is kidnapped and Gabriel follows the kidnappers to the mysterious French village of Rennes-le-Château. Gabriel's arrival coincides with that of a tour group; supposedly all in town hunting for a legendary local treasure linked to the Knights Templar, the Cathars and supposedly connected to the Holy Grail. Amongst the international tour group is Gabriel's old friend, Detective Mosely, from New Orleans. Gabriel's search leads him to investigate the members of the group and search the town. Grace arrives shortly afterwards and delves into the history of the area to try and find the connection between the kidnapping and the area's rich history. Together they uncover the truth behind an incredible mystery, stretching back to the birth of Jesus Christ.

A custom designed 3D engine, the G-Engine, was created to drive the game which allowed the player control of a free roaming camera to explore environments and to watch non-interactive sequences from any distance or angle. The creation of such an ambitious engine came at a price, however, and the game which was originally due for release in Summer 1998 didn't ship until Fall 1999 after changes in the design team and the decision to undertake a major rearchitecture of the engine halfway through production. The detailed story was inspired in part by The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail book. Tim Curry also returned to voice Gabriel Knight.

Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned received mixed reviews with the general gaming press being less enthusiastic about the game's merits than dedicated adventure gaming publications. As with the other games in the series, though, most reviews of the game cited Jane Jensen's story as a subject for praise. The game was profiled in an article on Old Man Murray in which the author uses a puzzle from the game to lambast the absurd puzzles of adventure games as a whole. It is the last adventure game to be published to date by Sierra Entertainment." (Wikipedia)

Download Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned from Filesonic:


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) 20101028 - 20101104 Update

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B033 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="bfc1744a" md5="ddd1f7b1d1ce67caf50d48d73a0ba092" sha1="f8e8ce3ec1cf761fa88ea1d84f20994d56090a5c"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B034 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="7b5a7754" md5="32c496732c8def43ee5d116219141796" sha1="2c55c37c79fe9a1ffcc672f1a03f6ae39460454f"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B035 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="b4af65d5" md5="6474938b7f68772e8f07c8d8653d225a" sha1="0b042b894c85f3a13bd8362ab45e9592b20716c1"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B036 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="67127e51" md5="040461a639d5f0cbf9aa0062e890cb69" sha1="9bbd19cded2a1534dc82df77d8cd5e9d9bd70f89"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B037 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="a893f6d2" md5="ad7a3128942b71ed3b7a3715eff62162" sha1="c87dd01bd53eb72849baf12bd04554309d9d05ea"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B038 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="1b2b71d3" md5="ab8c2d8f916ab10a3895cf6f25629341" sha1="6b6ded5bfde1e61af0266bec5b5cf94267da6454"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B039 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="bb9f2a0a" md5="49063c51a85ad8c392a3e194711d917e" sha1="045edf564d7aa84dcb25c216222f8279bf971827"

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) 20101028 - 20101104 Update:


Sunday, 31 October 2010

Free EZ-Flash IV cartridge for Game Boy Advance


The  EZ-Flash cartridge goes to Machete!

I went to http://www.random.org/ to generate a random number between 1 and 152 (atm I have 153 followers but since I'm a follower too the number is obviously 152) and the number is 9. So I counted  avatars from the top, left corner.



We didn't celebrate our second anniversary so here is a little give away. It's a brand new and boxed EZ-Flash Cartridge IV for GBA + 1GB MiniSD Card full of retro games.

Next Sunday (07-11-2010) I'll draw one of my followers (see the "Follow" button at the bottom). One of you will receive an e-mail asking for your address. If you do not wish to disclose your post address, or will not reply in 24h I'll draw another person.

Good luck :-)

Sega - SG-1000 No-Intro 20101031 Update

"Monaco GP (Japan) (Rev 2).sg" size="32768" crc="02e5d66a" md5="cda3731948a50bb396b380f7fc82ec12" sha1="694228631d09ed06c8850fd164c6d99b12ff173d"

"Sega Flipper (Japan) (40kB).sg" size="40960" crc="fd76ad99" md5="49c7c14879a437e60730b62a7550cdf6" sha1="d713dcbd79a3db8f1ef2cfb27da31a286fff16d1"

"Sekaishi Nenpyou (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="16384" crc="3274ee48" md5="e2ac39e87f9a7ddb0be8cb6f6d2c0737" sha1="388fdff0cf2ad276e07a419239710632c376e1db"

Download Sega - SG-1000 No-Intro 20101031 Update:


Sega - Game Gear No-Intro 20101031 Update

"Baku Baku Animal - Sekai Shiikugakari Senshu-ken (Japan).gg" size="262144" crc="7174b802" md5="55b9b96f12e1786dc293a1c45768f013" sha1="270e071342adb41406568e171df4959656ed02bf"

"Skweek (Japan).gg" size="131072" crc="3d9c92c7" md5="1a796dfa3b3b9010d259506ddc4a43a6" sha1="0788c35636abba46beb01acebfd1697cdb54161c"

Download Sega - Game Gear No-Intro 20101031 Update:


Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20101031 Update

"Chouon Senshi Borgman (Japan) (Beta).sms" size="131072" crc="86f49ae9" md5="d89cd6506b9c6c865607638350346976" sha1="4323cf3db733c1ff3d48771dc084d342cdcf43b8"

"Columns (USA, Europe) (Beta).sms" size="131072" crc="3fb40043" md5="22619be5f41cf6f76c4ccefbc82d0967" sha1="c41bbfe7c20b1c582d43c16671829b9be703a3de"

"Gain Ground (Europe) (Beta).sms" size="262144" crc="d40d03c7" md5="8fdb6d42f1d58205ce024f0e50367fee" sha1="990491d559ebada59c8c7d7c7eeeae7dffa0399d"

"James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (USA) (Beta).sms" size="262144" crc="cfb4bd7b" md5="433fe61368cdf79c1b66cc84d0936599" sha1="d96c174e63393406d4b442e5796228eebb7deb93"

Download Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20101031 Update:




Saturday, 30 October 2010

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) 20101016 - 20101028 Update

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B021 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="6119c3d6" md5="cf15c05ef769d0e43fc852499e3a3d51" sha1="dcfc2bed7bd18607f0a79040c0a630d36316d7e2"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B022 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="df0112ba" md5="850381416d74608c556ca20eafa13173" sha1="431543dd404df8013e2fdf92a0cd774cfba8e7d7"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B023 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="9a3d509d" md5="368d323ac1c7adb01a289877cfefc342" sha1="008e962b2b8fd91a5363e7d0015fcc9ea4229d3c"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B024 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="6ef872bc" md5="0511e3ddd188e7ed2fa429ac9f8b2a0b" sha1="4b2860f25337f425504595d6958a2ff8ba304d54"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B025 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="2b800c85" md5="af6654315633f0ed9141898e23a731e7" sha1="ed98f9077f02a77dc30d60685ae67bea7e373f62"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B026 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="4d9e7370" md5="45502fd43980c79de74a5152b21f8758" sha1="b0e381983bf63b2616475a3519ba226529a80a12"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B027 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="7167d26d" md5="a14558961da7179a78c34be7b24d990f" sha1="7d5e2e44f18d3f2d09cba9385cb27c732ceb9a0f"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B028 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="0021f5f2" md5="be90d109d2a87a8f1c86c21c9195b99f" sha1="46800a28c5f2fcddcdc0870f3b128c10decb03d6"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B029 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="0a2e816a" md5="4ddc45770591081e49a3bccf52062e4f" sha1="d9927717ce645a24f3942d2624f66b9065e7776f"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B030 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="f1dde396" md5="64a116d378cea6da25900fc869cc4ad0" sha1="1cfaff9835a449999261618c2b3845a997cea295"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B031 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="5ba1e8c2" md5="dafdf1a9b5a06fcaf0c00d54087a35d6" sha1="a73446880dd522d86150a1c90c6d0660d6cfbb44"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B032 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="797f2a58" md5="1a65814eed02f0bbd322accbb528cf42" sha1="a234ac05dd675a40a33c79aa5f83e576a4de4fad"

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) 20101016 - 20101028 Update:


Friday, 29 October 2010

No Title

Did you noticed that it's been 2 years already since the first post? It was Monday, 13 October 2008 when Retro Gamer posted Atari Lynx No-Intro  romset. Since then we've had 1,925,137 visits (more or less). Well... that's it.

Atari - Lynx No-Intro 20101028 Update

"Baseball Heroes (USA, Europe).lnx" size="262144" crc="3943c116" md5="8c9a72ddbb5559293862684ec67bfa92" sha1="b30a1fe12dc3e69e1a179a5e4d1799d93996fc24"

"Basketbrawl (USA, Europe).lnx" size="131072" crc="4161bb4a" md5="f19b95e4835c5fbc44b180dbd3f024fc" sha1="46ae8e1504e2944525d535280a3ed32e0873788a"

"Crystal Mines II (USA, Europe).lnx" size="131072" crc="aec474c8" md5="b4acbd3c544a0d92cc8ad1380bf8a810" sha1="3364bde38508c5c4fed5575295cc80c6f72edebe"

"Ishido - The Way of Stones (USA, Europe).lnx" size="131072" crc="5cf8bbf0" md5="addc6c0ae7b535839815b8e7f7fd0f11" sha1="78c295af3a57b5bd7d7e1d13ab13ad67885c4e89"

"Joust (USA, Europe).lnx" size="131072" crc="5dba792a" md5="440462507cf5cffaa8d3d3a66f01ac6a" sha1="ead01f532bcaf535065dfd66b26d04b484d0066e"

Download Atari - Lynx No-Intro 20101028 Update:


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sega - SG-1000 No-Intro 20101028 Update

"[BIOS] Othello Multivition (Japan).sg" size="16384" crc="c5a67b95" md5="cba9c69675bb921aa07050fd2a2dbecb" sha1="6d7c64dd60dee4a33061d3d3a7c2ed190d895cdb"

"Challenge Derby (Japan) (16kB) (Othello Multivision).sg" size="16384" crc="c91551da" md5="e8698b111a3548088932fd4528316a1d" sha1="47239898cc2ad5c4aeae1815dc54de6f87a8aa35"

"Challenge Derby (Japan) (40kB) (Othello Multivision).sg" size="40960" crc="c5f014dc" md5="5fac8915a1c8a84bdfcdbe4611f4652d" sha1="8a5e6c9b10c9a99c1eaaee48374d1fede5966340"

"Champion Baseball (Japan) (40kB).sg" size="40960" crc="c0c16fa7" md5="308e337a863bb9fa952426ef99180aa7" sha1="85e5c2f354b9110e5f7c7dfcc7ab9814598b7956"

"Champion Golf (Japan) (MyCard).sg" size="32768" crc="5a904122" md5="3c01bb2a4414989378c252f45a4e5050" sha1="f58f14581919c431ac85da72fd1a39bbe1da5e66"

"Chuugaku Hisshuu Eisakubun (Chuugaku 1-Nen) (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="40960" crc="975106b6" md5="b8c0c4c3c05699374d7707688e0fdfb1" sha1="ebc8544bf8a36840a639bb7a2698f984429f4762"

"Flicky (Japan) (Rev 1).sg" size="32768" crc="26d2862c" md5="0bb6d2a43b340f56366edabd7e21fed4" sha1="51947fc0ae2bc3442b0fee2cccf2344b7a94a167"

"GP World (Japan).sg" size="32768" crc="942adf84" md5="4d9cc3764321b668d1fc238e19794312" sha1="40ae9c24c61188c6f02eba1b83109c5c4d86e64b"

"Home Basic (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="32768" crc="78a37cbc" md5="cb724ebeaec9619281a906671c98a952" sha1="f1e1e7e9687cf4f9f498779a44134c2d70bb8d4b"

"Mahjong (Japan) (English Title).sg" size="24576" crc="1c137cab" md5="1dbb5c85962c2110ffe35ec536f96329" sha1="81015cea7e5ff08bd7d20953a702d47efdb8c11c"

"Monaco GP (Japan) (24kB).sg" size="40960" crc="8572d73a" md5="943bca1e51476b646f19c17a9d9ab42c" sha1="bea768b27c09bec805f0c70545d2f1435e3a3ddf"

"Monaco GP (Japan) (32kB).sg" size="32768" crc="da2d57f3" md5="74121fd6f1024ee3d3f5d1db29956d7d" sha1="4ca8182b8f7c798d7222295978e2556ff115b848"

"N-Sub (Japan) (16kB).sg" size="16384" crc="652bbd1e" md5="56c559d0d82a3e6fb2e87230d39f32f4" sha1="2640e267441bf25463a19273c46f3edb5e459496"

"N-Sub (Japan) (40kB).sg" size="40960" crc="b377d6e1" md5="cfced1ba39adee6a75dc830ed9c12f73" sha1="aa3eae849553a5a176762466b101f312b8b968e4"

"Okamoto Ayako no Match Play Golf (Japan) (Othello Multivision).sg" size="32768" crc="547dd7fd" md5="07ca24bef805f15d13d3123c765c3039" sha1="2fe5e6811aa340f10b67f78ee9ed566a94326bad"

"Okamoto Ayako no Match Play Golf (Japan) (Rev 1) (Othello Multivision).sg" size="32768" crc="49d3db2c" md5="0195c955df38b55f6f12694179503f10" sha1="bcb03afd3bbd5dadf00474eac44bb66a5df419cf"

"San-nin Mahjong (Japan).sg" size="16384" crc="885fa64d" md5="cf02277eacdf348dbde960769a0b0d55" sha1="75dd13ea139a91f4e471e658ab19f9847e15576c"

"Tanoshii Sansuu (Shougaku 4-Nen Ge) (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="16384" crc="5fde25bb" md5="c07d87577918eee0327bf67538b6f5cc" sha1="5500a59f4474833687e7d2d7bbd09cf0fb925684"

"Tanoshii Sansuu (Shougaku 4-Nen Jou) (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="16384" crc="573e04dd" md5="a3e3d2b2f9250875f2d30a4b2c7197ae" sha1="59c7c6d0e373f78961a0e501a533ea271b15abdb"

"Uranai Angel Cutie (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="32768" crc="ae4f92cf" md5="6dbcbfcd15bd206aca31dd2557f4e44d" sha1="90e32471b68cb60449b30e5d5a19d3a88f9829d3"

"Wonder Boy (Japan) (Rev 1).sg" size="32768" crc="e8f0344d" md5="d26fabfe84ad40ae04a2cd3dc6cf75df" sha1="240600a0dda16809f49b173f731c7fdaf921466a"

Download Sega - SG-1000 No-Intro 20101028 Update:


Nekketsu! Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes for NES - English Translation

Nekketsu! Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes is a Basketball game for NES released in 1993. The translation path has been released recently and here is translated ROM.

Download Nekketsu! Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes for NES - English Translation:


Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20101027 Update

"F-1 Spirit - The Way to Formula-1 (Korea) (Unl) (Pirate).sms" size="131072" crc="06965ed9" md5="293ef0398970cff0a5b4cd419b643f3c" sha1="5df1b4c00adb2b494f7298353d92b4d7ad3f50f6"

"Penguin Adventure (Korea) (Unl) (Pirate).sms" size="131072" crc="445525e2" md5="cada8fbd55b6444f2308e770c79eaccc" sha1="9d0c8fb5f1ff6f596aa156264db8d7c1c778b1bf"

"Slap Shot (Europe).sms" size="262144" crc="c93bd0e9" md5="88a19d1f5d7ba2ba1f68fd83602c6eb7" sha1="6327fb7129ecfcebdcd6b9c941703fda15a8a195"

Download Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20101027 Update:


Sega Game Gear: No-Intro 20101028 Update

"Ax Battler - A Legend of Golden Axe (USA, Europe) (v2.0) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="3435ab54" md5="1d8cc7e9a742312294fc1dace252907f" sha1="fe0f433aebd6e3c4b61e4e155323fe6932369459"

"Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (USA, Europe) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="6afb8ec6" md5="5843abea9beff14ef6fe840ce59dfaa0" sha1="3467364272fea73d434aaa421b1f3f39f34d97b0"

"Championship Hockey (Europe).gg" size="262144" crc="e21d2a88" md5="4e50ab4ace12827b73ac23c47aaf9b85" sha1="4b0bd83ee4fefc40c420413d044b91525b494f6b"

"Cheese Cat-Astrophe - Starring Speedy Gonzales (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es).gg" size="524288" crc="4e78fd36" md5="63af90497bdac40ce4217c5133037a51" sha1="8897ba5aa76d0e17251b2765fafbdb0df41030a6"

"Chuck Rock (World) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="cb3a1d23" md5="d34e94dc571d7782283abb1cc5a36c7a" sha1="17442f7b30d7882723bddcad38c9ada363fb7211"

"Defenders of Oasis (USA, Europe) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="c674eccc" md5="503e2946dcf3cba80a7264ebc4793afd" sha1="76e1f94dbb8a12ba428767d2e70f00fe719fa449"

"F1 - World Championship Edition (Europe).gg" size="262144" crc="107092d0" md5="309abe6822c52df971856912c77a57cc" sha1="a42a647923a5af940ef63ab27d3100c3da53e30b"

"Fantasy Zone (USA).gg" size="131072" crc="fad007df" md5="9c314c791ad0a98cda6bd7d39c0a2774" sha1="57563b00eeffe678b2eebeafa790015f3c164262"

"James Pond II - Codename RoboCod (Europe).gg" size="524288" crc="c2f7928b" md5="607bd5d109fd322168603856258a37c0" sha1="e592bce01e8148081daa2edd24fd106bd61095a6"

"Jang Pung II (Korea) (Unl).gg" size="262144" crc="76c5bdfb" md5="9b95b6e6609daa8ea413f223f426c8ff" sha1="2b3bb8fd76fe706d7e564b372d2d71dfce53cb1b"

"Jungle Strike (USA).gg" size="524288" crc="d51642b0" md5="f678a27147f02b86d409e9317bab46b1" sha1="f4a6cf19814a2b0046257f8dd1feeaf22fa6fd73"

"Lion King, The (Japan).gg" size="524288" crc="c78b8637" md5="81e5a88e8268a1b5730245a36fac812f" sha1="20e01958c3e3de905622c90838cd485a3338d7a4"

"Master of Darkness (Europe).gg" size="262144" crc="07d0eb42" md5="78655dabd43e475c3b4d849c3f0c7046" sha1="f9eabdb7e925360f69b41f5357abcb36f893d72e"

"Out Run Europa (Europe).gg" size="262144" crc="01eab89d" md5="bf5bd4d774600a866c2620e101845de8" sha1="0fb4200fa291fe57cd7be2ee73ac2d71ae3c005e"

"Power Drive (Europe).gg" size="524288" crc="ac369ae3" md5="920f469a6e365e7ea288a7ef8dc8536a" sha1="c523db9fcf30d7f8af5e5a298ba01f59d124ff72"

"Road Rash (Europe).gg" size="524288" crc="176505d4" md5="b0cd844449604735d5c58de6a3784eeb" sha1="bf5149486c64d338e5d8e0d8397d41127e456b1b"

"Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 (Europe) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="758a7123" md5="6cb74dc59782ecea107c12a652b5b84b" sha1="db7ae3bd9ae0e421b4ebf8cf45df7780678f2a48"

"Smurfs Travel the World, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es).gg" size="262144" crc="3eb337df" md5="348ca8eaa37d5f468915b0cb5a558d21" sha1="33eb8c0fde81d258ceec4c74abb20c10f6953a9d"

"Taito Chase H.Q. (USA).gg" size="131072" crc="c8381def" md5="c72556c76d431b545dd56bdcc536a89f" sha1="6d6209c642b854eaa43da81b311c04a7579d9a17"

"Tom and Jerry - The Movie (Japan).gg" size="262144" crc="a1453efa" md5="ab48136eff306e35ec68ebea10b5559b" sha1="25f7e0d4b4416e4f879d289eed638d4018bedb51"

Download Sega Game Gear: No-Intro 20101028 Update:


Friday, 22 October 2010

MAME 0.139 to 0.140 Update

Download MAME 0.139 to 0.140 Update:


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) (20101016)

It's pretty hard to find this new e-Cards so here is the latest and complete Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) (20101016) romset :-)

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) (20101016):


Sunday, 10 October 2010

SEGA NAOMI: New Roms For Makaron Emulator

We have 21 new ROMs in our Sega NAOMI collection.

Akatsuki Bk AusfAchse New!

Azumanga Daioh PuzzleBobble New!

Border Down

Burning Casino

Capcom Vs. SNK 2

Capcom Vs. SNK

Chaos Field

Cleopatra FortunePlus New!

Confidential Mission

Cosmic Smash (RevA) New!

Cosmic Smash New!

Death Crimson OX New!

Doki Doki Idol StarSeeker New!

Dynamite Deka Ex New!

Guilty Gear X

Guilty Gear XX AccentCore New!

Guilty Gear XX Reload

Guilty Gear XX Slash

Guilty Gear XX


Jingi Storm


Kuru Kuru Chameleon

La Keyboardxyu

Lupin 3 - The Shooting

Lupin 3 - The Typing

Mamonoro New!

Marvel vs. Capcom2 New!

Maze of the Kings,The New!

Melty Blood Act Cadenza (Version B)

Melty Blood Act Cadenza (Version B2)

Melty Blood Act Cadenza

Melty Blood ActCadenza (Rev C) New!

Mobile Suit Gundam Federation Vs. Zeon (DX)

Mobile Suit Gundam Federation Vs. Zeon

Monkey Ball

Musapeys Choco Marker

Noukone PuzzleTakoron New!

Psyvariar 2

Puyo Puyo Fever

Puzzle Takoron

Quiz Ah Megamisama

Quiz Keitai Q Mode

Radilgy Noir New!


Sega Strike Fighter(Rev A) New!

Senko No Ronde NEWver. (Rev A) New!

Senko No Ronde

Senko No RondeSpecial New!

Shikigami No Shiro II

Shooting Love 2007 New!


Spikers Battle

Sports Jam

Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper

Super Shanghai 2005 (Rev A) New!

Super Shanghai 2005

Tetris Kiwamemichi

The Maze of the Kings

Toy Fighter New!

Trigger Heart Exelica


Under Defeat

Usagui - Yamashiro Mahjong Hen

Virtua Golf - Dynamic Golf

Virtua NBA

Virtua Tennis ~ Power Smash

Virtua Tennis 2 ~ Power Smash 2 (Rev A)

Virtual Athletics

World Series Baseball - Super Major League

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (Cracked) (20070814)

This is an old No-Intro set never posted here before. Looks like it is not supported any more but grab it if you want.

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (Cracked) (20070814):


Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (Cracked) (20070814) DAT file

Files uploaded by Disruptor ™

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Nintendo - Game Boy Color No-Intro Update

"Powerpuff Girls, The - Bulle Contre Lui (France).gbc" size="2097152" crc="7085270c" md5="fd5d1ad9fa778895fa24d1fe1eca52b7" sha1="5c1c53b9c002680c2da8b24aa31d4a247586263d"

"Powerpuff Girls, The - Paint the Townsville Green (Europe).gbc" size="2097152" crc="98e4b0c4" md5="b3e8e32a3f8c3366cb12b4ea7b0a9169" sha1="e214ab665ffab3682b9833b4e4d0494fc53cd26f"

"Powerpuff Girls, The - Panique A Townsville (France).gbc" size="2097152" crc="79a417db" md5="69ebfa592721cd1d9c835d1b810b7266" sha1="978d68300b625d8e375571475b4f2c2c1a65fd60"

Nintendo - Game Boy Color No-Intro Update:


Saturday, 4 September 2010

English Translation for Madou Monogatari I - 3-Tsu no Madoukyuu

Madou Monogatari I - 3-Tsu no Madoukyuu is a RPG game for Sega Game Gear released in 1993. The translation patch (v1.0) has been released 5 days ago (August 30, 2010).

Download English Translation for Madou Monogatari I - 3-Tsu no Madoukyuu:


Friday, 3 September 2010

Nintendo - Game Boy Color No-Intro 20100831 Update

"Tweenies - Doodles' Bones (Europe) (En,Nl,Sv,No,Da).gbc" size="1048576" crc="c7b61220" md5="6c34052ae5e516f8737982cb93a0845c" sha1="1e39a4ea0a8c7322a2e0653e522e0e486aa1ac36"

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Color No-Intro 20100831 Update:


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System No-Intro 20100831 Update

"Family Trainer 1 - Athletic World (Japan).nes" size="65536" crc="0354868a" md5="875fe77f1c9b5c694f57f00fc0805538" sha1="8d8d5a3bf2776fae34c752899b8aa49173a9c868"

"Maison Ikkoku (Japan).nes" size="262144" crc="46f30f2d" md5="bd6a7f2e7ad00feeb1dcf4cd27f155e4" sha1="d75074c7b8d41fe7ccf07f3552512f0768cd4e7e"

Download Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System No-Intro 20100831 Update:


Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20100829 Update

"Ghouls'n Ghosts (Unknown) (Sample).sms" size="32768" crc="96ca6902" md5="28d7241601ceee9b919e2d1aae7165dc" sha1="306658835e82fb604666eaca089b5645c12f0197"

"Monopoly (Unknown) (Beta).sms" size="131072" crc="7e9d87fc" md5="19e6167c6bad839603240adeda122ac7" sha1="68830fb46a010cf2f2d04bdc69e3759f6d42b8de"

"R.C. Grand Prix (USA, Europe) (Beta).sms" size="262144" crc="767f11b8" md5="61aa7404e23836c79e2a689322ffe190" sha1="0bc511d809b6e401e9855a89d0ef821b2e8df109"

"World Cup Italia '90 (Europe) (Sample).sms" size="131072" crc="a0cf8b15" md5="3ae0e6e3d2b81c3112cf556d1dfad7c2" sha1="b198ba9fdd2893a5e94ed224d032585a9f57f868"

Download Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20100829 Update:


Nintendo - Game Boy Color No-Intro 20100828 Update

"Raku x Raku - Cut Shuu (Japan).gbc" size="2097152" crc="430cfcf3" md5="62443f663965ba2f3a4181cd694d88a3" sha1="b51a62358c37539021bc980c1699825596b118ef"

"Raku x Raku - Moji (Japan).gbc" size="2097152" crc="abe58a8b" md5="b39c09e1a033f08d8160bf5dfa4082bc" sha1="d9502543c6cd05c7e06a3b89286eec155aff83a0"

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Color No-Intro 20100828 Update:


Nintendo - Nintendo 64 No-Intro 20100828 Update

"StarCraft 64 (Germany) (Proto).n64" size 33554432 crc 35F8C03C md5 AF48BF8DE3C63F37E5EDD6A382AEAA1F sha1 499C53F3D54293EDB6889B6953B6E752E94322DE

Download Nintendo - Nintendo 64 No-Intro 20100828 Update:


Thursday, 26 August 2010

No More Cassette Data Recorders!

I usually use emulators to play retro games but sometimes it's nice to take a real machine out of the box and connect it to an old TV. Nothing beats the smell of Atari power supply getting warm! What I don't like is the time that I have to wait to get a game loaded if I use a cassette recorder or Commodore floppy drive. Tapes and floppy discs won't last forever so it's a good idea to think about a hardware emulator. Fortunately there are at least a few emulators available. Most of them lets you use a SD Card as a storage device or an IDE hard disk. Here's what I managed to find:

Atari 8bit


SIO2SD is a device that allows you to load games/applications into 8-bit Atari computers via SIO interface from SD/MMC cards.

  • Works with SD/MMC (FAT12,FAT16 and FAT32 formats - Warning !!! Software up to version 2.0 had a bug in FAT12 code - FAT12 is typically used by Windows XP for 16MB cards)
  • Handles ATR (rw), XFD (ro) and COM/XEX (ro) file types
  • 16x2 LCD display allows to "walk" catalog tree and choose files to load
  • Handles SIO with turbo (allows to set speed index from 1 to 16, default is 6 (69kb/s), in versions 1.x speed index was always 10 (51kb/s))
  • All densities with 128B and 256B sectors, including 16MB disks
  • Handles drives d1 to d8 (up to version 1.2 only d1 to d4 drives were available)
  • Can be configured using ATARI (it's possible to load configuration tool directly from MCU flash memory, so no SD card is needed)

Schematics are available for free. SIO2SD is available at http://www.mmj.pl/~lotharek/atari/

Price: €74,99


The SIO2IDE is a simple interface that allows you to attach any IDE Disk Drive or CF Card to your 8-bit Atari computer.


1. ATARI side: SIO2IDE
  • Uses standard Atari SIO at a speed of 19200 baud
  • Works with Atari High Speed SIO (US and Happy) at a speed of 52000 baud
  • Emulates Atari disks D1: to D8: disk D1: can be swapped with Common disk D1: (HD1_ZW jumper, drive D9: in config file)
  • Can be used with any Atari DOS and OS
  • Can be used without any problems with other SIO devices (disk drivers, printers, modems, SIO2PC, second SIO2IDE etc)
  • Can be easy installed inside your Atari with 2.5' laptop HD or CF card
  • Is easy to configure via special fdisk.com utility software (changing disks sequence and active directory)
  • It use ATR files to emulate real floppy disk or hard drive

You have to use CF2IDE adapter to be able to connect CF card to SIO2IDE

2. IDE device side:
  • All IDE ATA/ATAPI devices can be used: Disk Drives (2.5' and 3.5'), Compact Flash cards etc.
  • Supports PC file systems, FAT16 and FAT32
  • Supports CD file system, ISO9660
  • Supports ATR disk images (SD, DD up to 16MB)
  • Supports directory change (multiconfig)
  • Is easy to configure, many text configuration files (sio2ide.cfg) can be stored in different directories
  • Disk configuration can be checked by special checkfs.exe PC utility
  • Standard system disk utilities can be used (defrag.exe, scandisk.exe etc)
  • Long File Name (LFN) support for HDD
  • TEST mode for checking HDD initializations
  • Supports Master/Slave IDE devices
  • Disk defragmentation is not required
3. USB port side:
  • Interface works as Mass Storage Class device (removable drive)
  • No drivers are needed for Windows 2K, ME, XP
  • Driver for Win98 is included in this SIO2IDE package
  • SIO2IDE in USB mode is not working with Linux

SIO2IDE is available at http://afs.atari.org/sio2ide.htm

Price: $65

Amiga / Atari ST / Atari Falcon / Amstrad CPC / ZX Spectrum / Sam Coupe / X68000 / Dragon 32 and 64

- HxC Floppy Emulator

It allows You to emulate any 34 pins floppy standart devices.

  • HE10 34 pins floppy connector
  • Shugart compatible mode supported
  • PC compatible mode supported
  • Tested on PC, Atari ST, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Thomson, MSX, ZX Spectrum series computers
  • 3 LEDs ("Power LED","Floppy access LED"," SDCard access LED ")
  • 3 buttons ("Next","Select/Eject","Previous")
  • 1 audio transducer
  • 2*16 chars Alphanumerical LCD
  • LCD and buttons can be put on an external front panel
  • SD Card up to 2GB
  • SDHC Card supported up to 32GB
  • 10Mhz SPI bus mode. Average byterate: ~500KB/s
  • FAT32 supported. Subdirectory and long name file supported
  • Track mode based floppy emulator (Full track pre-encoded in the HFE image file)
  • Read support: Most of existing formats (FM/MFM/Amiga track) supported
  • Custom tracks supported
  • Write support: ISO MFM 256/512/1024 Bytes sector write supported
  • Write support not available on Amiga computers
  • Floppy bit rate supported:  250/300Kbits/s (DD floppies)  500Kbits/s (HD floppies)

Full list of supported systems and the unit itself is available at: http://www.mmj.pl/~lotharek/atari/  

Price: €70

ZX Spectrum

- Divide

It is an ATA (IDE) interface what means, that You are able to use hard disks or CF/SD cards along with adapters. The idea of this device is very simple - just PLUG and PLAY !

  • divIDE uses full 16 bits of ATA bus
  • divIDE works on all ZX Spectrum flavours (16, 48, 48+, 128, +2, +2A, +3 and clones)
  • Thanks to divIDE's onboard logic, theoretical transfer speed is 218 KB/sec (determined by the latency of INI/OUTI instructions)
  • divIDE has 8 KB of shadow flash ROM that hosts operating system core, leaving your original ZX Spectrum ROM intact. Additional 32 KB of RAM accessible as 8 KB memory banks are present
  • divIDE's auto-mapping feature transparently maps shadow ROM at important entry points, enabling standard tape emulation, BASIC extensions, NMI menu and DISCiPLE/+D or BetaDisk emulation
  • divIDE's MAPRAM feature helps developers and users to test new software without the need of reflashing their working system in shadow ROM. It can also emulate another 8 KB of ROM if necessary
  • divIDE works with all ATA-compatible devices (there are no known compatibility issues)
  • Available software supports widely used emulator formats (TAP, SNA, Z80, SCR).

For more informations visit: http://www.mmj.pl/~lotharek/atari/www/divide.html

Divide is available at: http://www.mmj.pl/~lotharek/atari/

Price: €35

Commodore 16 / 64 / 128 / plus4 /

- 1541 Ultimate

The '1541 Ultimate' is a storage solution for your Commodore home computer, such as the C64, C128, C plus4, C16, etc. This piece of hardware implements a 'real' 1541 disk drive for Commodore computers. There are two versions of this board; the 1541 Ultimate-I and the 1541 Ultimate-II. The 1541 Ultimate-I uses an SD-card or MMC-card to store the floppy disks, while the 1541 Ultimate-II uses MicroSD and USB pen-drives. Both the 1541 Ultimate-I and the 1541 Ultimate-II contain a replica of all the necessary hardware to be fully compatible with a real drive.

  • Full emulation of a real Commodore 1541 diskdrive.
  • Uses .D64 and .G64 files stored on MicroSD card or USB stick
  • Supports .G64 files as well (Read/Write)
  • Configurable ID
  • Configurable ROM (1541/1541C/1541II or custom)
  • RAMBOard memory expansion (up to 40K)
  • MicroSD or USB storage device (stick, card reader, and even HD)
  • FAT/FAT32 support, with sub-directories and long filenames
  • Supports SD V1.1 cards as well as SD V2.0 in High Capacity mode (SDHC)
  • Battery backed up Real Time Clock
  • C64 cartridge emulation:
  • Final Cartridge III
  • Action Replay
  • Retro Replay
  • Super Snapshot
  • Turbo Assembler w/ Codenet
  • Epyx Fastloader
  • Custom 8K/16K carts
  • Custom Ocean / System3 carts (up to 512K)
  • Commodore 1750/1764 REU
  • REU Compatible
  • Size selectable from 128K up to 16 MB
  • Can be combined with Retro Replay and SuperSnapshot compatible roms
  • Flexible freezer menu
  • Select, mount, create D64 images, browse disk images
  • Create new directories, delete files
  • Ultra fast DMA load of single file programs (.PRG files on SD/USB, inside .D64 or .T64)
  • Configuration screen, with resident settings
  • Tape emulation, through 6-pin header on the bottom of the board
  • Totally rewritten firmware, for easier expansion and maintenance

1541 Ultimate-II is available at: http://www.1541ultimate.net/content/

Price: €129


SD2IEC is a hardware mass storage device using an SD/MMC card and interfacing with the IEC bus. It is based on the ATmega644 microcontroller from the Atmel AVR microcontroller family. The most prominent use of SD2IEC is emulation/replacement of a Commodore-1541 disk drive for a C64. Hardware and the microcontroller's firmware is available as open source.


  • Separate SD2IEC main and daughter board
  • Main board has 3 pin headers with power connections, all IEC signals, device selection switches and 2 LEDs
  • Main board measures 64.5mm x 40.8mm x 5.6mm (L x W x H)
  • Firmware can be upgraded placing the new firmware file in the root directory of the SD Card (bootloader). Please select firmware for SW2 and ATmega644P
  • D64/M2I support (both reading and writing for D64, even with direct sector access using U1/U2)
  • T64 is not supported
  • PRG/P00 etc. support
  • Subdirectory support (CMD command syntax).
  • Suport for Turbo Disk AKA Fast Load AKA Speeddisk fastloader
  • Supports the JiffyDOS fast serial bus protocol
  • Supports the Final Cartridge 3 fastloader/fastsaver
  • Supports an external "disk change" button
  • Supports FAT long file names
  • Supports FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 formatted SD cards
  • Improved IEC compatibility
  • Supports most typical IEC functions (LOAD, SAVE, OPEN, GET, PUT, CLOSE, ...)
  • 1571 ROM has been taken as reference for implementation
  • Many non-fastloader games run

SD2IEC at: http://www.nkcelectronics.com/sd2iec-boar2.html

Price: $44,99

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20100824 Update

"Agigongnyong Dooly (Korea) (Unl).sms" size="131072" crc="4f1be9fa" md5="f40a7f432b88ea9b25f9e902fafe189b" sha1="19a82099f0277264ce518bd9dd86235016f7abf7"

"Dr. Hello (Korea) (Unl).sms" size="32768" crc="16537865" md5="9f95eb534dd8a2bd57e9fc6a445e2f4c" sha1="8206e4b1df9468f4f60e654a0a4044083bd6e5d1"

"FA Tetris (Korea) (Pirate).sms" size="32768" crc="17ab6883" md5="f3d0d07a2eea23175d9a8d2b428151e8" sha1="4e35c8375aba080c416d721fa885ccc232b9a171"

"Flashpoint (Korea) (Unl).sms" size="32768" crc="61e8806f" md5="e74328c8cdd71af02ed99b17139126cd" sha1="bfa43eaa99c470eaa542ba37033651c2759b9874"

"Jang Pung 3 (Korea) (Unl).sms" size="1048576" crc="18fb98a3" md5="f355ec9d0171a4d01356165d2baba6a1" sha1="1b2b525ef2ab2d7ea3f934f0c229dab33af56d90"

"Street Master (Korea) (Unl).sms" size="131072" crc="83f0eede" md5="ea83395c811ab1e40e9f3f6b47908ae7" sha1="49f9d62f121d3b7e35d38436c920a53b7070ecd4"

"Super Boy 4 (Korea) (Unl).sms" size="262144" crc="b995b4f0" md5="eb7d7db5ab98b0b7812552644fb95fe8" sha1="9b4be448b81f96391ef9667b1923abc53a9c59d9"

"Super Boy II (Korea) (Pirate).sms" size="49152" crc="67c2f0ff" md5="6120c9ba0f2c24031c9a836035060717" sha1="f0c239e4cf90cd4c699889792f811717670ac85c"

"Super Tetris (Korea) (Pirate).sms" size="65536" crc="bd1cc7df" md5="3aab83a641bf3a26d68ed44f49c28714" sha1="3772e9dc07b15de62326ee78981ec0b6f4387590"

"Three Dragon Story, The (Korea) (Unl).sms" size="32768" crc="8640e7e8" md5="9acd8b2eab5453380242ab3a6417c165" sha1="a05a7a41295c38add5dfc71032d2d83b96f518b1"

"Ttoriui Moheom (Korea).sms" size="32768" crc="178801d2" md5="66363591ca2894c48876f416d5adbe75" sha1="2ed6220b583e9f50d839d5ccecfcb2994584ba39"

"Wonder Boy in Monster Land (USA, Europe) (Beta).sms" size="262144" crc="8312c429" md5="16be61f4de705cdd636d1fb1662e24de" sha1="09fdb724ccf427af7ddd8f89cf0581f2a0b2f7f1"

"Wonsiin (Korea) (Pirate).sms" size="131072" crc="a05258f5" md5="c53091e60b5bd473142ca231dd96f6eb" sha1="f98f9c0fd32b2392b57b14105a9b730c8957d9b9"

Download Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20100824 Update:


Sunday, 22 August 2010

New 8 Bit Software - New Games for Different Platforms

Title: Highway Encounter
Platform: Atari ST
Link: http://atarionline.pl/pliki/Highway_Encounter.zip

Video / Screenshot:

ST is not exactly 8bit platform but since there's not much of new software I think it's worth to mention this game anyway.

Title: UWOL - Quest For Money
Platform: Commodore 64
Link: http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=93409

Video / Screenshot:

Title: Mole Hunter
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Link: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0024370

Video / Screenshot:

Title: The Adventures of Moron van der Slut - Escape from Castro Castro Populaire
Platform: MSX
Link: http://www.passionmsx.org/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=72&lid=1852

Video / Screenshot:

Title: Battle Kid 2
Platform: NES
Link: http://nesdev.parodius.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=6598

Video / Screenshot:

Upcoming & New 8 Bit Games