Saturday, 13 November 2010

Apple 1 for Sale

If you collect old computers you might be interested with this one. Apple 1 assembled by Steve Wozniak and dispatched from his garage in 1976. Originally priced at $666.66. If you have some spare cash visit Christie's auction.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned

"Four years after the events of the second game, Gabriel and Grace are asked by the exiled Prince of Albany to protect his newborn son from a centuries old family threat which appears to be a group of vampires. Shortly afterwards, the boy is kidnapped and Gabriel follows the kidnappers to the mysterious French village of Rennes-le-Château. Gabriel's arrival coincides with that of a tour group; supposedly all in town hunting for a legendary local treasure linked to the Knights Templar, the Cathars and supposedly connected to the Holy Grail. Amongst the international tour group is Gabriel's old friend, Detective Mosely, from New Orleans. Gabriel's search leads him to investigate the members of the group and search the town. Grace arrives shortly afterwards and delves into the history of the area to try and find the connection between the kidnapping and the area's rich history. Together they uncover the truth behind an incredible mystery, stretching back to the birth of Jesus Christ.

A custom designed 3D engine, the G-Engine, was created to drive the game which allowed the player control of a free roaming camera to explore environments and to watch non-interactive sequences from any distance or angle. The creation of such an ambitious engine came at a price, however, and the game which was originally due for release in Summer 1998 didn't ship until Fall 1999 after changes in the design team and the decision to undertake a major rearchitecture of the engine halfway through production. The detailed story was inspired in part by The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail book. Tim Curry also returned to voice Gabriel Knight.

Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned received mixed reviews with the general gaming press being less enthusiastic about the game's merits than dedicated adventure gaming publications. As with the other games in the series, though, most reviews of the game cited Jane Jensen's story as a subject for praise. The game was profiled in an article on Old Man Murray in which the author uses a puzzle from the game to lambast the absurd puzzles of adventure games as a whole. It is the last adventure game to be published to date by Sierra Entertainment." (Wikipedia)

Download Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned from Filesonic:

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) 20101028 - 20101104 Update

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B033 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="bfc1744a" md5="ddd1f7b1d1ce67caf50d48d73a0ba092" sha1="f8e8ce3ec1cf761fa88ea1d84f20994d56090a5c"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B034 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="7b5a7754" md5="32c496732c8def43ee5d116219141796" sha1="2c55c37c79fe9a1ffcc672f1a03f6ae39460454f"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B035 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="b4af65d5" md5="6474938b7f68772e8f07c8d8653d225a" sha1="0b042b894c85f3a13bd8362ab45e9592b20716c1"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B036 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="67127e51" md5="040461a639d5f0cbf9aa0062e890cb69" sha1="9bbd19cded2a1534dc82df77d8cd5e9d9bd70f89"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B037 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="a893f6d2" md5="ad7a3128942b71ed3b7a3715eff62162" sha1="c87dd01bd53eb72849baf12bd04554309d9d05ea"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B038 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="1b2b71d3" md5="ab8c2d8f916ab10a3895cf6f25629341" sha1="6b6ded5bfde1e61af0266bec5b5cf94267da6454"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B039 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="bb9f2a0a" md5="49063c51a85ad8c392a3e194711d917e" sha1="045edf564d7aa84dcb25c216222f8279bf971827"

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) 20101028 - 20101104 Update: