Sunday, 31 October 2010

Free EZ-Flash IV cartridge for Game Boy Advance


The  EZ-Flash cartridge goes to Machete!

I went to to generate a random number between 1 and 152 (atm I have 153 followers but since I'm a follower too the number is obviously 152) and the number is 9. So I counted  avatars from the top, left corner.



We didn't celebrate our second anniversary so here is a little give away. It's a brand new and boxed EZ-Flash Cartridge IV for GBA + 1GB MiniSD Card full of retro games.

Next Sunday (07-11-2010) I'll draw one of my followers (see the "Follow" button at the bottom). One of you will receive an e-mail asking for your address. If you do not wish to disclose your post address, or will not reply in 24h I'll draw another person.

Good luck :-)

Sega - SG-1000 No-Intro 20101031 Update

"Monaco GP (Japan) (Rev 2).sg" size="32768" crc="02e5d66a" md5="cda3731948a50bb396b380f7fc82ec12" sha1="694228631d09ed06c8850fd164c6d99b12ff173d"

"Sega Flipper (Japan) (40kB).sg" size="40960" crc="fd76ad99" md5="49c7c14879a437e60730b62a7550cdf6" sha1="d713dcbd79a3db8f1ef2cfb27da31a286fff16d1"

"Sekaishi Nenpyou (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="16384" crc="3274ee48" md5="e2ac39e87f9a7ddb0be8cb6f6d2c0737" sha1="388fdff0cf2ad276e07a419239710632c376e1db"

Download Sega - SG-1000 No-Intro 20101031 Update:

Sega - Game Gear No-Intro 20101031 Update

"Baku Baku Animal - Sekai Shiikugakari Senshu-ken (Japan).gg" size="262144" crc="7174b802" md5="55b9b96f12e1786dc293a1c45768f013" sha1="270e071342adb41406568e171df4959656ed02bf"

"Skweek (Japan).gg" size="131072" crc="3d9c92c7" md5="1a796dfa3b3b9010d259506ddc4a43a6" sha1="0788c35636abba46beb01acebfd1697cdb54161c"

Download Sega - Game Gear No-Intro 20101031 Update:

Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20101031 Update

"Chouon Senshi Borgman (Japan) (Beta).sms" size="131072" crc="86f49ae9" md5="d89cd6506b9c6c865607638350346976" sha1="4323cf3db733c1ff3d48771dc084d342cdcf43b8"

"Columns (USA, Europe) (Beta).sms" size="131072" crc="3fb40043" md5="22619be5f41cf6f76c4ccefbc82d0967" sha1="c41bbfe7c20b1c582d43c16671829b9be703a3de"

"Gain Ground (Europe) (Beta).sms" size="262144" crc="d40d03c7" md5="8fdb6d42f1d58205ce024f0e50367fee" sha1="990491d559ebada59c8c7d7c7eeeae7dffa0399d"

"James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (USA) (Beta).sms" size="262144" crc="cfb4bd7b" md5="433fe61368cdf79c1b66cc84d0936599" sha1="d96c174e63393406d4b442e5796228eebb7deb93"

Download Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20101031 Update:



Saturday, 30 October 2010

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) 20101016 - 20101028 Update

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B021 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="6119c3d6" md5="cf15c05ef769d0e43fc852499e3a3d51" sha1="dcfc2bed7bd18607f0a79040c0a630d36316d7e2"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B022 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="df0112ba" md5="850381416d74608c556ca20eafa13173" sha1="431543dd404df8013e2fdf92a0cd774cfba8e7d7"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B023 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="9a3d509d" md5="368d323ac1c7adb01a289877cfefc342" sha1="008e962b2b8fd91a5363e7d0015fcc9ea4229d3c"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B024 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="6ef872bc" md5="0511e3ddd188e7ed2fa429ac9f8b2a0b" sha1="4b2860f25337f425504595d6958a2ff8ba304d54"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B025 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="2b800c85" md5="af6654315633f0ed9141898e23a731e7" sha1="ed98f9077f02a77dc30d60685ae67bea7e373f62"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B026 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="4d9e7370" md5="45502fd43980c79de74a5152b21f8758" sha1="b0e381983bf63b2616475a3519ba226529a80a12"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B027 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="7167d26d" md5="a14558961da7179a78c34be7b24d990f" sha1="7d5e2e44f18d3f2d09cba9385cb27c732ceb9a0f"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B028 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="0021f5f2" md5="be90d109d2a87a8f1c86c21c9195b99f" sha1="46800a28c5f2fcddcdc0870f3b128c10decb03d6"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B029 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="0a2e816a" md5="4ddc45770591081e49a3bccf52062e4f" sha1="d9927717ce645a24f3942d2624f66b9065e7776f"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B030 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="f1dde396" md5="64a116d378cea6da25900fc869cc4ad0" sha1="1cfaff9835a449999261618c2b3845a997cea295"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B031 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="5ba1e8c2" md5="dafdf1a9b5a06fcaf0c00d54087a35d6" sha1="a73446880dd522d86150a1c90c6d0660d6cfbb44"

"Rockman Zero 3 Card-e+ - Part 2 - 135-B032 (Japan).raw" size="2912" crc="797f2a58" md5="1a65814eed02f0bbd322accbb528cf42" sha1="a234ac05dd675a40a33c79aa5f83e576a4de4fad"

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) 20101016 - 20101028 Update:

Friday, 29 October 2010

No Title

Did you noticed that it's been 2 years already since the first post? It was Monday, 13 October 2008 when Retro Gamer posted Atari Lynx No-Intro  romset. Since then we've had 1,925,137 visits (more or less). Well... that's it.

Atari - Lynx No-Intro 20101028 Update

"Baseball Heroes (USA, Europe).lnx" size="262144" crc="3943c116" md5="8c9a72ddbb5559293862684ec67bfa92" sha1="b30a1fe12dc3e69e1a179a5e4d1799d93996fc24"

"Basketbrawl (USA, Europe).lnx" size="131072" crc="4161bb4a" md5="f19b95e4835c5fbc44b180dbd3f024fc" sha1="46ae8e1504e2944525d535280a3ed32e0873788a"

"Crystal Mines II (USA, Europe).lnx" size="131072" crc="aec474c8" md5="b4acbd3c544a0d92cc8ad1380bf8a810" sha1="3364bde38508c5c4fed5575295cc80c6f72edebe"

"Ishido - The Way of Stones (USA, Europe).lnx" size="131072" crc="5cf8bbf0" md5="addc6c0ae7b535839815b8e7f7fd0f11" sha1="78c295af3a57b5bd7d7e1d13ab13ad67885c4e89"

"Joust (USA, Europe).lnx" size="131072" crc="5dba792a" md5="440462507cf5cffaa8d3d3a66f01ac6a" sha1="ead01f532bcaf535065dfd66b26d04b484d0066e"

Download Atari - Lynx No-Intro 20101028 Update:

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sega - SG-1000 No-Intro 20101028 Update

"[BIOS] Othello Multivition (Japan).sg" size="16384" crc="c5a67b95" md5="cba9c69675bb921aa07050fd2a2dbecb" sha1="6d7c64dd60dee4a33061d3d3a7c2ed190d895cdb"

"Challenge Derby (Japan) (16kB) (Othello Multivision).sg" size="16384" crc="c91551da" md5="e8698b111a3548088932fd4528316a1d" sha1="47239898cc2ad5c4aeae1815dc54de6f87a8aa35"

"Challenge Derby (Japan) (40kB) (Othello Multivision).sg" size="40960" crc="c5f014dc" md5="5fac8915a1c8a84bdfcdbe4611f4652d" sha1="8a5e6c9b10c9a99c1eaaee48374d1fede5966340"

"Champion Baseball (Japan) (40kB).sg" size="40960" crc="c0c16fa7" md5="308e337a863bb9fa952426ef99180aa7" sha1="85e5c2f354b9110e5f7c7dfcc7ab9814598b7956"

"Champion Golf (Japan) (MyCard).sg" size="32768" crc="5a904122" md5="3c01bb2a4414989378c252f45a4e5050" sha1="f58f14581919c431ac85da72fd1a39bbe1da5e66"

"Chuugaku Hisshuu Eisakubun (Chuugaku 1-Nen) (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="40960" crc="975106b6" md5="b8c0c4c3c05699374d7707688e0fdfb1" sha1="ebc8544bf8a36840a639bb7a2698f984429f4762"

"Flicky (Japan) (Rev 1).sg" size="32768" crc="26d2862c" md5="0bb6d2a43b340f56366edabd7e21fed4" sha1="51947fc0ae2bc3442b0fee2cccf2344b7a94a167"

"GP World (Japan).sg" size="32768" crc="942adf84" md5="4d9cc3764321b668d1fc238e19794312" sha1="40ae9c24c61188c6f02eba1b83109c5c4d86e64b"

"Home Basic (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="32768" crc="78a37cbc" md5="cb724ebeaec9619281a906671c98a952" sha1="f1e1e7e9687cf4f9f498779a44134c2d70bb8d4b"

"Mahjong (Japan) (English Title).sg" size="24576" crc="1c137cab" md5="1dbb5c85962c2110ffe35ec536f96329" sha1="81015cea7e5ff08bd7d20953a702d47efdb8c11c"

"Monaco GP (Japan) (24kB).sg" size="40960" crc="8572d73a" md5="943bca1e51476b646f19c17a9d9ab42c" sha1="bea768b27c09bec805f0c70545d2f1435e3a3ddf"

"Monaco GP (Japan) (32kB).sg" size="32768" crc="da2d57f3" md5="74121fd6f1024ee3d3f5d1db29956d7d" sha1="4ca8182b8f7c798d7222295978e2556ff115b848"

"N-Sub (Japan) (16kB).sg" size="16384" crc="652bbd1e" md5="56c559d0d82a3e6fb2e87230d39f32f4" sha1="2640e267441bf25463a19273c46f3edb5e459496"

"N-Sub (Japan) (40kB).sg" size="40960" crc="b377d6e1" md5="cfced1ba39adee6a75dc830ed9c12f73" sha1="aa3eae849553a5a176762466b101f312b8b968e4"

"Okamoto Ayako no Match Play Golf (Japan) (Othello Multivision).sg" size="32768" crc="547dd7fd" md5="07ca24bef805f15d13d3123c765c3039" sha1="2fe5e6811aa340f10b67f78ee9ed566a94326bad"

"Okamoto Ayako no Match Play Golf (Japan) (Rev 1) (Othello Multivision).sg" size="32768" crc="49d3db2c" md5="0195c955df38b55f6f12694179503f10" sha1="bcb03afd3bbd5dadf00474eac44bb66a5df419cf"

"San-nin Mahjong (Japan).sg" size="16384" crc="885fa64d" md5="cf02277eacdf348dbde960769a0b0d55" sha1="75dd13ea139a91f4e471e658ab19f9847e15576c"

"Tanoshii Sansuu (Shougaku 4-Nen Ge) (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="16384" crc="5fde25bb" md5="c07d87577918eee0327bf67538b6f5cc" sha1="5500a59f4474833687e7d2d7bbd09cf0fb925684"

"Tanoshii Sansuu (Shougaku 4-Nen Jou) (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="16384" crc="573e04dd" md5="a3e3d2b2f9250875f2d30a4b2c7197ae" sha1="59c7c6d0e373f78961a0e501a533ea271b15abdb"

"Uranai Angel Cutie (Japan) (SC-3000).sc" size="32768" crc="ae4f92cf" md5="6dbcbfcd15bd206aca31dd2557f4e44d" sha1="90e32471b68cb60449b30e5d5a19d3a88f9829d3"

"Wonder Boy (Japan) (Rev 1).sg" size="32768" crc="e8f0344d" md5="d26fabfe84ad40ae04a2cd3dc6cf75df" sha1="240600a0dda16809f49b173f731c7fdaf921466a"

Download Sega - SG-1000 No-Intro 20101028 Update:

Nekketsu! Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes for NES - English Translation

Nekketsu! Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes is a Basketball game for NES released in 1993. The translation path has been released recently and here is translated ROM.

Download Nekketsu! Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes for NES - English Translation:

Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20101027 Update

"F-1 Spirit - The Way to Formula-1 (Korea) (Unl) (Pirate).sms" size="131072" crc="06965ed9" md5="293ef0398970cff0a5b4cd419b643f3c" sha1="5df1b4c00adb2b494f7298353d92b4d7ad3f50f6"

"Penguin Adventure (Korea) (Unl) (Pirate).sms" size="131072" crc="445525e2" md5="cada8fbd55b6444f2308e770c79eaccc" sha1="9d0c8fb5f1ff6f596aa156264db8d7c1c778b1bf"

"Slap Shot (Europe).sms" size="262144" crc="c93bd0e9" md5="88a19d1f5d7ba2ba1f68fd83602c6eb7" sha1="6327fb7129ecfcebdcd6b9c941703fda15a8a195"

Download Sega - Master System - Mark III No-Intro 20101027 Update:

Sega Game Gear: No-Intro 20101028 Update

"Ax Battler - A Legend of Golden Axe (USA, Europe) (v2.0) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="3435ab54" md5="1d8cc7e9a742312294fc1dace252907f" sha1="fe0f433aebd6e3c4b61e4e155323fe6932369459"

"Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (USA, Europe) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="6afb8ec6" md5="5843abea9beff14ef6fe840ce59dfaa0" sha1="3467364272fea73d434aaa421b1f3f39f34d97b0"

"Championship Hockey (Europe).gg" size="262144" crc="e21d2a88" md5="4e50ab4ace12827b73ac23c47aaf9b85" sha1="4b0bd83ee4fefc40c420413d044b91525b494f6b"

"Cheese Cat-Astrophe - Starring Speedy Gonzales (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es).gg" size="524288" crc="4e78fd36" md5="63af90497bdac40ce4217c5133037a51" sha1="8897ba5aa76d0e17251b2765fafbdb0df41030a6"

"Chuck Rock (World) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="cb3a1d23" md5="d34e94dc571d7782283abb1cc5a36c7a" sha1="17442f7b30d7882723bddcad38c9ada363fb7211"

"Defenders of Oasis (USA, Europe) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="c674eccc" md5="503e2946dcf3cba80a7264ebc4793afd" sha1="76e1f94dbb8a12ba428767d2e70f00fe719fa449"

"F1 - World Championship Edition (Europe).gg" size="262144" crc="107092d0" md5="309abe6822c52df971856912c77a57cc" sha1="a42a647923a5af940ef63ab27d3100c3da53e30b"

"Fantasy Zone (USA).gg" size="131072" crc="fad007df" md5="9c314c791ad0a98cda6bd7d39c0a2774" sha1="57563b00eeffe678b2eebeafa790015f3c164262"

"James Pond II - Codename RoboCod (Europe).gg" size="524288" crc="c2f7928b" md5="607bd5d109fd322168603856258a37c0" sha1="e592bce01e8148081daa2edd24fd106bd61095a6"

"Jang Pung II (Korea) (Unl).gg" size="262144" crc="76c5bdfb" md5="9b95b6e6609daa8ea413f223f426c8ff" sha1="2b3bb8fd76fe706d7e564b372d2d71dfce53cb1b"

"Jungle Strike (USA).gg" size="524288" crc="d51642b0" md5="f678a27147f02b86d409e9317bab46b1" sha1="f4a6cf19814a2b0046257f8dd1feeaf22fa6fd73"

"Lion King, The (Japan).gg" size="524288" crc="c78b8637" md5="81e5a88e8268a1b5730245a36fac812f" sha1="20e01958c3e3de905622c90838cd485a3338d7a4"

"Master of Darkness (Europe).gg" size="262144" crc="07d0eb42" md5="78655dabd43e475c3b4d849c3f0c7046" sha1="f9eabdb7e925360f69b41f5357abcb36f893d72e"

"Out Run Europa (Europe).gg" size="262144" crc="01eab89d" md5="bf5bd4d774600a866c2620e101845de8" sha1="0fb4200fa291fe57cd7be2ee73ac2d71ae3c005e"

"Power Drive (Europe).gg" size="524288" crc="ac369ae3" md5="920f469a6e365e7ea288a7ef8dc8536a" sha1="c523db9fcf30d7f8af5e5a298ba01f59d124ff72"

"Road Rash (Europe).gg" size="524288" crc="176505d4" md5="b0cd844449604735d5c58de6a3784eeb" sha1="bf5149486c64d338e5d8e0d8397d41127e456b1b"

"Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 (Europe) (Beta).gg" size="262144" crc="758a7123" md5="6cb74dc59782ecea107c12a652b5b84b" sha1="db7ae3bd9ae0e421b4ebf8cf45df7780678f2a48"

"Smurfs Travel the World, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es).gg" size="262144" crc="3eb337df" md5="348ca8eaa37d5f468915b0cb5a558d21" sha1="33eb8c0fde81d258ceec4c74abb20c10f6953a9d"

"Taito Chase H.Q. (USA).gg" size="131072" crc="c8381def" md5="c72556c76d431b545dd56bdcc536a89f" sha1="6d6209c642b854eaa43da81b311c04a7579d9a17"

"Tom and Jerry - The Movie (Japan).gg" size="262144" crc="a1453efa" md5="ab48136eff306e35ec68ebea10b5559b" sha1="25f7e0d4b4416e4f879d289eed638d4018bedb51"

Download Sega Game Gear: No-Intro 20101028 Update:

Friday, 22 October 2010

MAME 0.139 to 0.140 Update

Download MAME 0.139 to 0.140 Update:

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) (20101016)

It's pretty hard to find this new e-Cards so here is the latest and complete Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) (20101016) romset :-)

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards) (20101016):

Sunday, 10 October 2010

SEGA NAOMI: New Roms For Makaron Emulator

We have 21 new ROMs in our Sega NAOMI collection.

Akatsuki Bk AusfAchse New!

Azumanga Daioh PuzzleBobble New!

Border Down

Burning Casino

Capcom Vs. SNK 2

Capcom Vs. SNK

Chaos Field

Cleopatra FortunePlus New!

Confidential Mission

Cosmic Smash (RevA) New!

Cosmic Smash New!

Death Crimson OX New!

Doki Doki Idol StarSeeker New!

Dynamite Deka Ex New!

Guilty Gear X

Guilty Gear XX AccentCore New!

Guilty Gear XX Reload

Guilty Gear XX Slash

Guilty Gear XX


Jingi Storm


Kuru Kuru Chameleon

La Keyboardxyu

Lupin 3 - The Shooting

Lupin 3 - The Typing

Mamonoro New!

Marvel vs. Capcom2 New!

Maze of the Kings,The New!

Melty Blood Act Cadenza (Version B)

Melty Blood Act Cadenza (Version B2)

Melty Blood Act Cadenza

Melty Blood ActCadenza (Rev C) New!

Mobile Suit Gundam Federation Vs. Zeon (DX)

Mobile Suit Gundam Federation Vs. Zeon

Monkey Ball

Musapeys Choco Marker

Noukone PuzzleTakoron New!

Psyvariar 2

Puyo Puyo Fever

Puzzle Takoron

Quiz Ah Megamisama

Quiz Keitai Q Mode

Radilgy Noir New!


Sega Strike Fighter(Rev A) New!

Senko No Ronde NEWver. (Rev A) New!

Senko No Ronde

Senko No RondeSpecial New!

Shikigami No Shiro II

Shooting Love 2007 New!


Spikers Battle

Sports Jam

Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper

Super Shanghai 2005 (Rev A) New!

Super Shanghai 2005

Tetris Kiwamemichi

The Maze of the Kings

Toy Fighter New!

Trigger Heart Exelica


Under Defeat

Usagui - Yamashiro Mahjong Hen

Virtua Golf - Dynamic Golf

Virtua NBA

Virtua Tennis ~ Power Smash

Virtua Tennis 2 ~ Power Smash 2 (Rev A)

Virtual Athletics

World Series Baseball - Super Major League