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MESS - Software


Most of you probably already know about XML files available at You can use it with a rom manager (like cmpro) to build sets for MESS emulator. You'll find most of the ROMs in the TOSEC, No-Intro or GOOD sets so there's no point to build yet another collection as long as you don't know what to do with your HDD space :-) All the new ROMs will be included it TOSEC soon or later so I'm not going to maintain and upload updates for MESS collection but I have a few sets for those of you who wants to start to collect MESS stuff. I have never uploaded anything for some of the systems so here is some new stuff:

BBC Bridge Companion:

Commodore Max - Ultimax - VIC10:

Epoch Game Pocket Computer:

Epoch Super Cassette Vision:


Interton VC 4000:

Koei PasoGo:

ZX Spectrum:

Nintendo - Game Boy Advance No-Intro 20100610 Update

"Texas Hold 'em Poker (Europe) (Rev 1).gba" size="4194304" crc="1a13df6b" md5="855cdf29fc72a4c55026aeaca8480bb9" sha1="f6d018d9174bf04fd8c90b3173570391f2d11b19"

Download Nintendo - Game Boy Advance No-Intro 20100610 Update:

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Upcoming & New 8 Bit Games

There is a site on Facebook called Upcoming & New 8 Bit Games. You'll find there information about new games for all the classic systems. I've been asked to forward this information here so it won't be restricted only to Facebook users. So lets just start from the latest news.


Advanced pong clone for ZX Spectrum by Ricardo Cancho Niemietz.


Couple moths ago a TI 99/4a version of this classic was released by Filip Van Vooren.Game was published on cartridge.