Monday, 31 August 2009

Nintendo Entertainment System - (NonGoodNES v. 2009-04-19)

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Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis - 32X - (NonGoodGen v. 2009-04-19)

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Sunday, 30 August 2009

The 7th Guest (PC)

"The 7th Guest, first published in 1992 by Trilobyte and later released by Virgin Games in 1993, is a FMV-based puzzle video game, not unlike The Fool's Errand and predating Myst. It was one of the first computer video games to be released only on CD-ROM. The 7th Guest is a horror story told from the unfolding perspective of the player, as an amnesiac. The game received a great amount of press attention for making live action video clips a core part of its gameplay, for its unprecedentedly large amount of pre-rendered 3D graphics, and for its adult content. In addition, the game was very successful, with over two million copies sold, and is widely-regarded as a killer app that accelerated the sales of CD-ROM drives." (Wikipedia)

Download The 7th Guest for PC from Megaupload:

GoodN64 v.3.14a (GoodMerged) (7-Zipped)

Nintendo 64 Photo
Download GoodN64 v.3.14a (GoodMerged) (7-Zipped) from Rapidshare:

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Novastorm (PC)

"Novastorm is a rail shooter developed by Psygnosis in 1994. The game takes place some time in the distant future, Humans have left earth in several huge arks containing Earth's ecosystem, in search of a new paradise. They have become complacent: everything is controlled by artificial intelligence, while the human race sleeps and dreams of its new home. The computer systems evolve however, and prophetize of a conquest of silicon against flesh.

The player takes control of the Scavenger 4 squadron, which has a mission to destroy the deadly Scarab-X forces, in the last hope for the Human race." (Wikipedia)

Download Novastorm for MS DOS from Megaupload:

Friday, 28 August 2009

Sega Dreamcast - BIOS (TOSEC-v2009-02-15)

"The Dreamcast (ドリームキャスト) is the last video game console made by Sega, and is the successor to the Sega Saturn. The Dreamcast is part of the sixth generation of video game consoles and was released in late 1998, before its contemporaries - the PlayStation 2, the Nintendo GameCube and the Xbox.

After facing strong competition from Sony's recently released PlayStation 2, Sega discontinued the Dreamcast in March 2001 and withdrew entirely from the console hardware business. However, support of the system continued in Japan where consoles were still sold until 2006 and new licensed games continued to be released.

Despite its short lifespan, the Dreamcast was widely hailed as ahead of its time, and is still held in high regard for pioneering online console gaming - being the first console to include a built-in modem and Internet support for online gaming. As of 2009, the console is still supported through various homebrew video game releases.

In 1997, the Saturn was struggling in North America, and Sega of America president Bernie Stolar pressed for Sega's Japanese headquarters to develop a new platform. Two competing teams were tasked with developing the console - a Skunkworks group headed by IBM researcher Tatsuo Yamamoto and another team led by Sega hardware engineer Hideki Sato.

Sato and his group chose the Hitachi SH4 processor architecture and the VideoLogic PowerVR2 graphics processor for their prototype. Yamamoto and his Skunkworks group also opted for the SH4, but with 3dfx hardware. Initially Sega opted to use the Skunkworks group's 3dfx-based hardware, even suggesting to 3dfx that they would do so. However, they eventually chose Sato's PowerVR based design. Sega's shift in design prompted a lawsuit by 3dfx that was eventually settled.

The Dreamcast was released in November 1998 in Japan; in September 1999 in North America and on October 14, 1999 in Europe. Despite problems with the Japan launch, the system's launch in the United States was successful. In the United States alone, a record 300,000 units had been pre-ordered and Sega sold 500,000 consoles in just two weeks (including a record 225,132 sold during the first 24 hours). In fact, due to brisk sales and hardware shortages, Sega was unable to fulfill all of the advance orders. Sega confirmed that it made US$98.4 million on combined hardware and software sales with Dreamcast with its September 9, 1999 launch. Four days after its launch in the US, Sega stated 372,000 units were sold bringing in US$132 million in sales.

Launch titles such as Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure, Power Stone, and Hydro Thunder helped Dreamcast succeed in the first year. Sega Sports titles helped fill the void with no Electronic Arts sports games on the system. Dreamcast sales grew 156.5% from July 23, 2000 to September 30, 2000 putting Sega ahead of the Nintendo 64 in that period. However, Sony's launch of the much-hyped PlayStation 2 that year marked the beginning of the end for the Dreamcast.

On January 31, 2001, Sega announced that it was ending production of Dreamcast hardware by March of that year although the 50 to 60 titles still in production would be published. The last North American release was NHL 2K2, which was released in February 2002. With the company announcing no plans to develop a next-generation successor to Dreamcast, this was Sega's last foray into the home console business.

During the following years, unreleased games like Propeller Arena and Half-Life were leaked on the Internet through warez groups and independent hackers.

Although production of the Dreamcast ended, commercial games were still developed and published by Sega of Japan. Many of these were initially developed for Sega's NAOMI arcade hardware, including Sega's final first-party Dreamcast game, Sonic Team's Puyo Pop Fever, released on February 24, 2004.

The last Dreamcast units were sold through the Sega Direct division of Japan in early 2006. These refurbished units were bundled with Radilgy, and a phone card. The last Dreamcast games published by Sega of Japan were the 2007 releases Trigger Heart Exelica and Karous.

Through a free software development kit called KallistiOS, software support of the console continues with homebrew games, emulators and utilities being released for the system. These include the 2009 unlicensed commercial releases Last Hope: Pink Bullets, Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles and DUX. Several Dreamcast emulation projects have also emerged including Chankast and nullDC." (Wikipedia)

Download Sega Dreamcast - BIOS (TOSEC-v2009-02-15) from Megaupload:

Thursday, 27 August 2009

GoodSNES v.2.04 (GoodMerged) (7-Zipped)

Download GoodSNES v.2.04 (GoodMerged) (7-Zipped) from Rapidshare:

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Daedalus Encounter (PC version)

"The Daedalus Encounter is a computer game from 1995. It is an adventure/puzzle game from the short-lived subgenre of interactive movies. It was distributed by Virgin Interactive, and was released for the IBM PC compatible, Apple Macintosh, and 3DO.

The game follows a trio of space marines who fought in an interstellar war: Casey (the player character), Ari (Tia Carrere) and Zack (Christian Bocher). The game opens, and the story begins, just as Casey has been brought back to life by his partners. After being in a horrible space accident, Casey's body was all but destroyed, and he is now only a brain grafted in a life-support system on their spaceship. The player can interact with the world through a small remote controlled flying probe, which is launched from the ship shortly after the start of the game. In this new form, Casey possesses limited ability to interact with his environment, his only way to communicate being through a yes/no interface and by emitting light pulses. Upon awakening, Casey finds out that the war is over and that Ari and Zack have become pirates, stealing salvage from the war to survive. During a salvage mission, the trio crash into and are stranded on a derelict alien spacecraft, which is on a collision course with a star. It is up to Casey to help his partners and explore the mystery of the Daedalus spaceship.

In order to save themselves, the trio must explore the huge alien ship and solve a large number of Myst-like puzzles, such as connecting colored laser-beams with mirrors, playing an advanced form of connect-the-dots with a computer interface, and one combat sequence, battling aliens called Krin. The puzzles are mixed with acting sequences from Carrere and Bocher, whose interaction with the player creates some light-hearted comedy." (Wikipedia)

Download The Daedalus Encounter for PC from Megaupload:

Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh

"Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh (colloquially known as Phantasmagoria 2 or simply A Puzzle of Flesh; known overseas as Phantasmagoria II: Fatal Obsessions) is an FMV-based, psychological horror adventure game released in 1996 by Sierra Entertainment.

Though technically a sequel to Roberta Williams' 1995 game Phantasmagoria, Puzzle of Flesh shares no connections with its predecessor in plot nor characters, as Sierra initially intended the Phantasmagoria title to be a horror anthology, with each installment of a different story and style.

While not a commercial success, A Puzzle of Flesh, like Phantasmagoria, is remembered for its controversial violent and sexual content, which led the game to being heavily censored or banned outright in several European and Oceanic countries." (Wikipedia)

Download Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh from Megaupload:







"Ripper is a 1996 FMV adventure computer game developed by Take-Two Interactive, and released for DOS-based personal computers. The game has a cast that includes celebrities such as Christopher Walken, Scott Cohen, Tahnee Welch, Burgess Meredith, Karen Allen, David Patrick Kelly, John Rhys-Davies, Jimmie Walker, Anna Levine and Paul Giamatti. It also featured the hit Blue Öyster Cult song (Don't Fear) The Reaper.

It was notable in that there was no definite canonical answer on who the villain would be, since this was decided by the game at random, out of the main characters. Clues and puzzles changed accordingly, in order for the player to decide.

Ripper takes place in New York City in the year 2040. It opens with the investigation of the recent murder of Renee Stein, the third victim of a serial killer known as "The Ripper", largely out of the modus operandi similarity to Jack the Ripper. The player assumes the role of Jake Quinlin, a reporter for the Virtual Herald, whom The Ripper sends messages to detailing his murders (also an act done by Jack the Ripper), who along with the police, namely Detective Vincent Magnotta, is seeking The Ripper's true identity.

After investigating Renee Stein's murder, Quinlin receives a message from The Ripper, who warns Quinlin that his girlfriend, Catherine Powell, will be the next victim, as she has gotten too close to discovering "his" identity. Quinlan manages to find Powell still alive, but in a coma "deeper than anyone thought possible." Cybersurgeon Claire Burton at the Meta-Cognition Center of the Tribeca Center Hospital manages to retrieve a distorted image of Powell's attacker, but requires additional information from Quinlan to make it clearer (This is also a reference to Jack the Ripper, as the police hypothesized that they might be able to get an image of the killer from the retinas of the victims). He provides this through investigating into what Powell was on to in her investigation and investigating three possible suspects for The Ripper's murders. In order to transmit this information into Powell's brain directly, he enlists the help of Joey Falconetti, a hacker who specializes in interfacing directly with the human brain.

Quinlan's investigation leads him to discover that all of The Ripper's victims and all of those associated with the investigation of The Ripper were part of an old gaming group known as the Web Runners, and also played a game based on Jack the Ripper which somehow caused one of the players to die in real life. The player that died happened to be Catherine Powell's mother. Assistance from a pathologist named Vic Farley also reveals that The Ripper's murders were done by placing a code into a victim's brain while in cyberspace that caused their internal body pressure to rise to a point of explosion, which consequently happens to Farley after providing his explanation. Quinlan also finds a cyberspace weapon developed by a murdered cyberarchitect named Hamilton Wofford, designed specifically to kill The Ripper inside a virtual recreation of the historic White Chapel district of London, where Jack the Ripper's murders took place. After assembling the weapon and gathering the necessary protection from The Ripper's weapon, Quinlan enters cyberspace, kills The Ripper, and manages to escape the virtual White Chapel before getting killed himself.

After accumulating all of the necessary clues, The Ripper can be one of four possible suspects: Joey Falconetti, Claire Burton, Vincent Magnotta, or Catherine Powell. With each play-through, the clues and actual identity of The Ripper will vary." (Wikipedia)

Download Ripper from Megaupload:

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery (DVD Version)

"The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery (also known as Gabriel Knight 2 or GK2) is a computer adventure game released by Sierra On-Line in 1995. Unlike the original Gabriel Knight released in 1993, The Beast Within was produced entirely in full motion video. The technology was popular at the time of the game's production with the recently introduced storage capabilities of CD-ROMs, but was expensive to produce and led to a linear storyline. The third Gabriel Knight game used a rendered 3D engine a few years later instead.

The game was released for PC and Macintosh. The Macintosh version used a video player developed by Sierra instead of an off-the-shelf technology such as Quicktime, and had a tendency to crash or run slowly on 680x0 processors.

The storyline weaves together werewolf mythology and Bavarian history with sexual intrigue and businessmen's quest for their primal roots. The game's two lead characters are Gabriel Knight—the seemingly less-than-bright but smart-as-a-fox mystery writer and bookstore owner—and Grace Nakimura, his less-than-trusting assistant. Knight has inherited a castle in a small German village and the title of Schattenjäger ("shadow hunter" in German) that comes with it. It has been a year since the voodoo murders case (The Sins of the Fathers) and the local villagers implore him to investigate the mysterious death of a little girl—caused, they believe, by a werewolf. Knight and Nakimura's search for clues takes them to Munich, King Ludwig II's famous Neuschwanstein Castle, Altötting and Bavaria's forested countryside. Their efforts lead them to uncover the truth about King Ludwig's mysterious death and discover a lost Richard Wagner opera, written by Robert Holmes (composer of music in the game).

The game is divided into six chapters and the player controls Gabriel and Grace alternately between the chapters. They conduct their investigations separately for the most of the game, only joining forces in the finale." (Wikipedia)

This DVD version has been made with the Gabriel Knight 2 HD/DVD Installer. Visit gkpatches for more information.

Download The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery (DVD Version) from Megaupload:

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

"Gabriel Knight is a series of adventure games produced by Sierra On-Line in the 1990s. Three games were released in the series: Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery and Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned.

The first game in the series introduces Gabriel Knight, a financially struggling horror novelist based in New Orleans. Gabriel is following a series of homicides, dubbed "The Voodoo Murders" for their apparent voodoo overtones hoping to use the police investigation, led by Detective Mosely, as the basis of a new novel. However, as he draws deeper into the investigation, and his shop assistant Grace Nakimura performs historical research for him, Gabriel links the murder spree both to New Orleans' voodoo past and towards the beautiful and mysterious New Orleans socialite, Malia Gedde.

Gabriel also discovers connections between the case and a horrific recurring nightmare which has plagued him all of his life. His investigation brings him into contact with Wolfgang Ritter, a lost family relative in Germany. Wolfgang informs Gabriel that his family has an ancient heritage in investigating supernatural evil and that Gabriel himself has inherited the mantle of Schattenjäger, a sort of modern day Inquisitor. Gabriel discovers that his nightmares are the result of a curse brought upon his family by one of his ancestors, and that only by embracing his calling and solving the Voodoo Murders can he undo it.

Gabriel travels to Germany and Africa, before returning to New Orleans to confront those responsible for the murders and his family's suffering. The climax ends with Gabriel choosing between love and forgiveness or fulfilling his duty, offering two different dénouement's as a result.

The CD-ROM version featured voice talents of such well-known actors as Tim Curry as Gabriel, Mark Hamill as Mosely, Leah Remini as Grace and Michael Dorn as Dr. John, a proprietor of a voodoo museum in central New Orleans." (Wikipedia)

Please note that XPSetup patch is included in Spanish version so you can install the game under Windows XP. Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers also works under DOSBox.

Download Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers (English CD-ROM ver.) from Megaupload:


"Phantasmagoria is a CD-ROM horror-themed video game created by Sierra On-line for the DOS and Windows platforms, and later for the Sega Saturn in Japan. The game was released in 1995 and was followed by a sequel, Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh released in 1996.

Made during the height of the "interactive movie" boom in the computer game industry, Phantasmagoria is notable for being one of the first adventure games to use a live actor as an on-screen avatar. The game was released on seven CDs to accommodate the massive amount of video generated by this process, the creation of which was contracted by Sierra to Kronos Digital Entertainment (who had previously worked on Sierra's King's Quest 6). Large portions of data were repeated on each CD, to avoid disk swapping when playing the game." (Wikipedia)

Download Phantasmagoria from Megaupload:








Monday, 24 August 2009

Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis - 32X - (GoodGen 3.0) (GoodMerged 7Zipped)

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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Retro Roms Forum - Community Uploads

From now you can publish your own uploads on Retro Roms forum. There is a new section: Community Uploads.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Nintendo Entertainment System - (GoodNes 3.14) (GoodMerged 7Zipped)

Thanks to MacGruber I can publish the Nintendo Entertainment System - (GoodNes 3.14) set. More Good sets will come! Don't forget to check the new Download section on our forum!

Download Nintendo Entertainment System - (GoodNes 3.14) (Merged) from Rapidshare:

Megaupload Mirror:

Friday, 21 August 2009

IBM PC Compatible - Diskimages - 5.25'' (TOSEC-v2006-04-13)

Download IBM PC Compatible - Diskimages - 5.25'' (TOSEC-v2006-04-13) from Megaupload:

Nintendo 64 - Demos (TOSEC-v2005-11-06)

Nintendo 64 Photo
Download Nintendo 64 - Demos (TOSEC-v2005-11-06) from Megaupload:

Nintendo 64 - Applications (TOSEC-v2005-11-06)

Nintendo 64 Photo
Download Nintendo 64 - Applications (TOSEC-v2005-11-06) from Megaupload:


Robbo Forever for Atari XL/XE

Robbo is one of the greatest games for Atari XL/XE. Released in 1989 by LK Avalon was a big surprise for everyone who was thinking that 8B Atari is dead. Now after 20 years we can enjoy a fan made continuation called: Robbo Forever. The game is available as a freeware but you can buy a collector's edition. Just have a look:

Robbo Forever is a pack of:
  • 5'25 Floppy Disk
  • Cartridge
  • User Manual (Polish, English, Czech)
  • 3 Stickers
If you want to buy it go to: R8 Software site for more details. You can download original Robbo + new Robbo Forever from Retro Roms.

Download Robbo + Robbo Forever:

Direct Download Link: Robbo + Robbo Forever.rar

Nintendo 64 - BIOS (TOSEC-v2006-05-06)

Nintendo 64 Photo
Download Nintendo 64 - BIOS (TOSEC-v2006-05-06) from Megaupload:

Bandai WonderSwan Color - Games (TOSEC-v2007-02-14)

Download Bandai WonderSwan Color - Games (TOSEC-v2007-02-14) from Megaupload:

Bandai WonderSwan Color - Demos (TOSEC-v2007-02-14)

Download Bandai WonderSwan Color - Demos (TOSEC-v2007-02-14) from Megaupload:

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Retro Roms Forum

Looks like the Retro Roms forum is almost ready! You can go to to register or just to have a look :-) It's pretty basic (in a VERY alpha stage I would say) so far but in time if you'll be interested it should get bigger and bigger. Registered users can access some hidden features and topics. If you register you'll be able to request roms for various platforms. Any help (suggestion) is welcome!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Philips CD-i - BIOS (TOSEC-v2009-02-15)

Download Philips CD-i - BIOS (TOSEC-v2009-02-15) from Megaupload:

If you're looking for Philips CD-i games check our Philips CD-I ISO Collection

3DO Interactive Multiplayer - BIOS (TOSEC-v2009-02-15)

Download 3DO Interactive Multiplayer - BIOS (TOSEC-v2009-02-15) from Megaupload:

Sunday, 16 August 2009

3DO Interactive Multiplayer - ISO Collection

"The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (often called simply 3DO) is a video game console originally produced by Panasonic in 1993. Further renditions of the hardware were released in 1994 by Sanyo and Goldstar. The consoles were manufactured according to specifications created by The 3DO Company, and were originally designed by Dave Needle and RJ Mical of New Technology Group. The system was conceived by entrepreneur and Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins.

Despite a highly-promoted launch (including being named Time magazine's "1994 Product of the Year") and a host of cutting-edge technologies, the 3DO's high price ($699.95 USD at launch), limited 3rd-party developer support, and an over-saturated console market prevented the system from achieving success comparable to competitors Sega and Nintendo. This console was released in North America in September 1993 and in Japan on March 20, 1994." (Wikipedia)

Please not that this is NOT a TOSEC set but you should be able to build one from this set. All the files are hosted on Megaupload this time.

Download 3DO Interactive Multiplayer ISO Collection from Megaupload:

Alone in the Dark (1994)(Interplay)(US)[!][CD3D00380 R1H].zip

AutoBahn Tokio (1995)(Matsushita)(Jp)[FZ-SJ7801 1].zip

Ballz - The Director's Cut (1995)(Panasonic)(US)[!][65283 R1J].zip

Battle Chess (1993)(Interplay)(US)[!][WO 57350-3P].zip

BattleSport (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[!][CDD9416].zip

BattleSport (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)[B1670 CE 02381-2 R70].zip

BladeForce (1995)(3DO Company)(Eu)[!][CDD8715].zip

BladeForce (1995)(3DO Company)(US)[A1796 CE 01595-2 R71].zip

Burning Soldier (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!][FZ-SE0401].zip

Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)(Eu)[CDD7568].zip

Captain Quazar (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[!][CDD9415].zip

Captain Quazar (1996)(Studio 3DO)(US)[A2181 CE 02379-2 R70].zip

Club 3DO - Station Invasion (1994)(Studio 3DO)(US)[!][A-1135 CE 01594-2 R71].zip

Corpse Killer (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)[!][GW 02321 SRCR01].zip

Crash 'n Burn (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][DFJN5002ZAZ].zip

Crime Patrol (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][B587 000173-2 R71].zip

D (1995)(Panasonic)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 2)[FZ-SE23531].zip

D (1995)(Panasonic)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 2)[FZ-SE23532].zip

Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 1 of 4)[!][FZSM37511 R1J].zip

Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 2 of 4)[!][FZSM37512 R1H].zip

Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 3 of 4)[!][FZSM37513 R1J].zip

Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 4 of 4)[!][FZSM37514 R1J].zip

Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins (1995)(Mindscape)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 3)[!][A2117 DJ219970-2.1].zip

Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins (1995)(Mindscape)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 3)[!][A2117 DJ219970-2.2].zip

Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins (1995)(Mindscape)(Eu)(Disc 3 of 3)[!][A2117 DJ219970-2.3].zip

Drug Wars (1995)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][B1384 CP 000234-2 R70].zip

Family Feud (1994)(Gametek)(US)[!][FAMILYFEUD R1J].zip

FIFA International Soccer (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD4947].zip

FIFA International Soccer (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[B326 CC 738507-2 R70].zip

Flying Nightmares (1995)(Domark)(Eu)[!][CDD8420].zip

Foes of Ali (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[CC 734507 SRCR01].zip

Gex (1995)(Crystal Dynamics)(Eu)[3DRM-1277190].zip

Guardian War (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[!][A788 DE SM0202-2 R70].zip

Hell - A Cyberpunk Thriller (1994)(Take 2)(US)[!][439480035803 R2J].zip

Horde, The (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(Eu)[61033C R1H].zip

Horde, The (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][W.O 58458-19 58428CD].zip

Icebreaker (1995)(Panasonic)(US)[!][FZ-SW0001].zip

Immercenary (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD6130].zip

Immercenary (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[!][B749 CC 731407-2 R71].zip

Incredible Machine, The (1994)(Dynamix)(US)[44874-3].zip

Iron Angel of The Apocalypse (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[FZ-SE1001].zip

John Madden NFL Football (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD4433].zip

Jurassic Park Interactive (1994)(Universal)(US)[!][UISD1001 R1D].zip

Kakinoki Shogi (1994)(ASCII)(Jp)[FZ-SJ0902].zip

Killing Time (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)[!][B1460 CE 01592-2 RE1 R71].zip

Kingdom - The Far Reaches (1994)(Interplay)(Eu)[CDD7954].zip

Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A853 728507-2 R70 ARC].zip

Mad Dog II - the Lost Gold (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][A810 CP 00014-2 R71].zip

Mahjong Kyou Jidai - AV Gal Seifuku Hen (1994)(Micronet)(Jp)[MC-700-R1M].zip

Mazer (1995)(American Laser Games)(US)[B1279 CP 000388-2 R70].zip

MegaRace (1994)(Mindscape)(US)[B309 DJ 219961-2 R73].zip

MegaRace (1994)(Software Toolworks)(Eu)[CDD4686].zip

Microcosm (1994)(Psygnosis)(US)[!][DK 10376 SRCR01].zip

Myst (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[FZSM0204 R1J].zip

Need for Speed, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A1115 CC 735507-2 R70].zip

Novastorm (1994)(Psygnosis)(US)[!][3DRM-1255110 1].zip

Off-World Interceptor (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(Eu)[!][3DRM1241330 1].zip

OverDrivin' (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Jp)[Road & Track Presents][IMP-SD0101].zip

Panzer General (1995)(Mindscape)(Eu)[CS0902251-1].zip

PaTaank (1994)(PF.Magic)(US)[502565].zip

Pebble Beach Golf Links (1993)(Panasonic)(US)[!][FZ-SM0101].zip

Pebble Beach Golf Links (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!][FZ-SE0101].zip

Pebble Beach no Hatou (1994)(Panasonic)(Jp)[!][FZ-SJ0101].zip

PGA Tour 96 (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD9834].zip

Phoenix 3 (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[CDD9418].zip

PO'ed (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[!][CDD9414].zip

Policenauts - Pilot Disc (1995)(Konami)(Jp)[VZ-001-R2C V].zip

Powers Kingdom (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!][FZ-SE0202].zip

Primal Rage (1995)(GoldStar)(Eu)[CDD9355].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 3)[!][CDD9829].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 3)[!][CDD9830].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 3 of 3)[!][CDD9831].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 1 of 3)[!][CC 726307.1].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 2 of 3)[!][CC 726307.2].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 3 of 3)[!][CC 726307.3].zip

Quarantine (1994)(Gametek)(US)[!][439480068501RE R1H].zip

Quarantine (1994)(Gametek)(US)[439480068501RE3 R3J].zip

Real Pinball (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[FZ-SE 0801 7].zip

Return Fire (1994)(Silent)(Eu)[CDD6523].zip

Return Fire (1994)(Silent)(Eu)[CDD7041].zip

Return Fire (1995)(Prolific)(US)[!][WO 47062-1].zip

Rise of the Robots (1995)(Time Warner Interactive)(Eu)[CDD6492].zip

Road Rash (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[a][CDD4431].zip

Road Rash (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[CDD4431].zip

Samurai Shodown (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][60020 R1J].zip

Scramble Cobra (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[CDD8990].zip

Shanghai - Banri no Choujou (1994)(Electronic Arts Victor)(Jp)[FZ-SJ1660-2-R1C].zip

Shanghai - Triple-Threat (1994)(Activision)(US)[!][TRIPLETHREAT R1J].zip

Shanghai - Triple-Threat (1994)(Activision)(US)[B1375 CE 02500-2.4 R71].zip

Shockwave (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[!][A559 CC 722207-2 RE1 R70].zip

Shockwave (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A779 CC 722207-2 RE2 R75].zip

Shockwave - Operation JumpGate (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[data disc][A1086 CC 747007-2 R70].zip

Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 2)[!][CDD9827].zip

Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 2)[!][CDD9828].zip

Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)[!][CC 755007.1].zip

Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)[!][CC 755007.2].zip

Slam 'N Jam '95 (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(Eu)[!][3DRM-1306380].zip

Slayer (1994)(Mindscape)(Eu)[CS090053 14].zip

Slayer (1994)(SSI)(US)[!][SLAYER R1J].zip

Slayer (1994)(SSI)(US)[B1369 CE 02500-21 R71].zip

Snowjob (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 2)[CDD12399].zip

Snowjob (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 2)[CDD15444].zip

Soccer Kid (1994)(Studio 3DO)(US)[B260 CE 00942-2 R70].zip

Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD7065].zip

Space Pirates (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[B1508 CP 000203-2 R72].zip

Star Fighter (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[!][CDD9417].zip

Star Wars - Rebel Assault (1993)(LucasArts)(US)[!][636230 R1H].zip

StarBlade (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!].zip

StarBlade (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[B591 DE SM5351-2 R70].zip

Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge (1993)(Dynamix)(US)[CU 603603 SRCR02].zip

Strahl (1995)(Panasonic)(US)[FZSM4651].zip

Striker - World Cup Special (1995)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!][CDD8888].zip

Super Real Mahjong PIV + Aishou Shindan (1994)(Naxat)(Jp)[FZ-SJ6451-R1C].zip

Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[A1069 DE SM3851-2 RE1 R72].zip

Super Wing Commander (1994)(Origin)(Eu)[CDD4429].zip

Super Wing Commander (1994)(Origin)(US)[!][B150 CC 10024-2 70].zip

Supreme Warrior (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)[!][Fire & Earth][GW 02421.1].zip

Supreme Warrior (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)[!][Wind & Fang Tu][GW 02421.2].zip

Syndicate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[CDD7040].zip

Syndicate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[!][B1127 CC 737007-2 R70].zip

Total Eclipse (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][W.O 57911-1V 57911CD].zip

Total Eclipse (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[3DRM-1214760].zip

Total Eclipse (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)[DFJN5015ZAZ].zip

Twisted - The Game Show (1993)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A983 CC 730807-2 R73].zip

Virtuoso (1994)(Elite)(Eu)[!][CDD5397].zip

VR Stalker (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][B346 CP 000241-2 R70].zip

Waialae Country Club (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[!][A953 DE SM0102-2 R71].zip

Way of the Warrior (1994)(Interplay)(Eu)[!].zip

Way of the Warrior (1994)(Universal)(US)[!][U1SB1002 R1H].zip

Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 1 of 4)[!].zip

Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 2 of 4)[!].zip

Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 3 of 4)[!].zip

Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 4 of 4)[!].zip

World Cup Golf - Hyatt Dorado Beach (1994)(U.S. Gold)(Eu)[!][CDD5586].zip

Yu Yu Hakusho (1994)(Tomy)(Jp)[FP-125].zip

Zhadnost - The Peoples Party (1995)(3DO Company)(Eu)[!][A1514 CE 02102-2 R70].zip

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Bandai WonderSwan - Games (TOSEC-v2007-02-14)

Download Bandai WonderSwan - Games (TOSEC-v2007-02-14) from Megaupload:

Bandai WonderSwan - Demos (TOSEC-v2007-02-14)

Download Bandai WonderSwan - Demos (TOSEC-v2007-02-14) from Megaupload:

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Nintendo Game Boy Color - Games (TOSEC-v2007-02-21)

Download Nintendo Game Boy Color - Games (TOSEC-v2007-02-21) from Megaupload:

Nintendo Game Boy Color - Demos (TOSEC-v2005-12-28)

Download Nintendo Game Boy Color - Demos (TOSEC-v2005-12-28) from Megaupload:

Nintendo Game Boy - Games (TOSEC-v2007-01-08)

Nintendo Game Boy
Download Nintendo Game Boy - Games (TOSEC-v2007-01-08) from Megaupload:

Nintendo Game Boy - Demos (TOSEC-v2005-12-28)

Nintendo Game Boy
Download Nintendo Game Boy - Demos (TOSEC-v2005-12-28) from Megaupload:

Tangerine Microtan 65 - Various (TOSEC-v2006-04-09)

"The Tangerine Microtan 65 (sometimes abbreviated M65) was a 6502 based single board microcomputer, first sold in 1979, which could be expanded into, what was for its day, a comprehensive and powerful system. The design became the basis for what later became the ORIC, ATMOS and later computers, which had similar keyboard addressing and tape I/O as in the Microtan 65. The Microtan 65 had a single step function that could be used for debugging at the hardware level. The computer was available as ready-built boards or as kits consisting of board and components requiring soldering together.

The Microtan 65 was intended as a general purpose microcomputer which could be used by laboratories, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)s and the computer enthusiast, and it was designed with expandability in mind. In this way the customer could customise the system, be it as a specialised control system, as a learning tool, or as a general purpose computing device.

Price of the Microtan 65 board in 1981 was £79.35 (inc. VAT) in kit form or £90.85 ready-assembled. The system was not generally available in the shops, one of the few stockists at the time being Henry's Radio of Edgware Road, London." (Wikipedia)

Download Tangerine Microtan 65 - Various (TOSEC-v2006-04-09) from Megaupload:

Sharp MZ-800 & MZ-1500 - Games (TOSEC-v2006-04-22)

Download Sharp MZ-800 & MZ-1500 - Games (TOSEC-v2006-04-22) from Megaupload:

Sharp MZ-800 & MZ-1500 - BIOS (TOSEC-v2006-04-22)

Download Sharp MZ-800 & MZ-1500 - BIOS (TOSEC-v2006-04-22) from Megaupload:

Sharp MZ-800 & MZ-1500 - Applications (TOSEC-v2006-04-22)

Download Sharp MZ-800 & MZ-1500 - Applications (TOSEC-v2006-04-22) from Megaupload:

Sega Game 1000 - Games (TOSEC-v2007-02-21)

Download Sega Game 1000 - Games (TOSEC-v2007-02-21) from Megaupload:

Sega Game 1000 - Demos (TOSEC-v2006-02-20)

Download Sega Game 1000 - Demos (TOSEC-v2006-02-20) from Megaupload: