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3DO Interactive Multiplayer - ISO Collection

"The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (often called simply 3DO) is a video game console originally produced by Panasonic in 1993. Further renditions of the hardware were released in 1994 by Sanyo and Goldstar. The consoles were manufactured according to specifications created by The 3DO Company, and were originally designed by Dave Needle and RJ Mical of New Technology Group. The system was conceived by entrepreneur and Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins.

Despite a highly-promoted launch (including being named Time magazine's "1994 Product of the Year") and a host of cutting-edge technologies, the 3DO's high price ($699.95 USD at launch), limited 3rd-party developer support, and an over-saturated console market prevented the system from achieving success comparable to competitors Sega and Nintendo. This console was released in North America in September 1993 and in Japan on March 20, 1994." (Wikipedia)

Please not that this is NOT a TOSEC set but you should be able to build one from this set. All the files are hosted on Megaupload this time.

Download 3DO Interactive Multiplayer ISO Collection from Megaupload:

Alone in the Dark (1994)(Interplay)(US)[!][CD3D00380 R1H].zip

AutoBahn Tokio (1995)(Matsushita)(Jp)[FZ-SJ7801 1].zip

Ballz - The Director's Cut (1995)(Panasonic)(US)[!][65283 R1J].zip

Battle Chess (1993)(Interplay)(US)[!][WO 57350-3P].zip

BattleSport (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[!][CDD9416].zip

BattleSport (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)[B1670 CE 02381-2 R70].zip

BladeForce (1995)(3DO Company)(Eu)[!][CDD8715].zip

BladeForce (1995)(3DO Company)(US)[A1796 CE 01595-2 R71].zip

Burning Soldier (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!][FZ-SE0401].zip

Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)(Eu)[CDD7568].zip

Captain Quazar (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[!][CDD9415].zip

Captain Quazar (1996)(Studio 3DO)(US)[A2181 CE 02379-2 R70].zip

Club 3DO - Station Invasion (1994)(Studio 3DO)(US)[!][A-1135 CE 01594-2 R71].zip

Corpse Killer (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)[!][GW 02321 SRCR01].zip

Crash 'n Burn (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][DFJN5002ZAZ].zip

Crime Patrol (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][B587 000173-2 R71].zip

D (1995)(Panasonic)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 2)[FZ-SE23531].zip

D (1995)(Panasonic)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 2)[FZ-SE23532].zip

Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 1 of 4)[!][FZSM37511 R1J].zip

Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 2 of 4)[!][FZSM37512 R1H].zip

Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 3 of 4)[!][FZSM37513 R1J].zip

Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 4 of 4)[!][FZSM37514 R1J].zip

Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins (1995)(Mindscape)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 3)[!][A2117 DJ219970-2.1].zip

Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins (1995)(Mindscape)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 3)[!][A2117 DJ219970-2.2].zip

Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins (1995)(Mindscape)(Eu)(Disc 3 of 3)[!][A2117 DJ219970-2.3].zip

Drug Wars (1995)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][B1384 CP 000234-2 R70].zip

Family Feud (1994)(Gametek)(US)[!][FAMILYFEUD R1J].zip

FIFA International Soccer (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD4947].zip

FIFA International Soccer (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[B326 CC 738507-2 R70].zip

Flying Nightmares (1995)(Domark)(Eu)[!][CDD8420].zip

Foes of Ali (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[CC 734507 SRCR01].zip

Gex (1995)(Crystal Dynamics)(Eu)[3DRM-1277190].zip

Guardian War (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[!][A788 DE SM0202-2 R70].zip

Hell - A Cyberpunk Thriller (1994)(Take 2)(US)[!][439480035803 R2J].zip

Horde, The (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(Eu)[61033C R1H].zip

Horde, The (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][W.O 58458-19 58428CD].zip

Icebreaker (1995)(Panasonic)(US)[!][FZ-SW0001].zip

Immercenary (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD6130].zip

Immercenary (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[!][B749 CC 731407-2 R71].zip

Incredible Machine, The (1994)(Dynamix)(US)[44874-3].zip

Iron Angel of The Apocalypse (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[FZ-SE1001].zip

John Madden NFL Football (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD4433].zip

Jurassic Park Interactive (1994)(Universal)(US)[!][UISD1001 R1D].zip

Kakinoki Shogi (1994)(ASCII)(Jp)[FZ-SJ0902].zip

Killing Time (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)[!][B1460 CE 01592-2 RE1 R71].zip

Kingdom - The Far Reaches (1994)(Interplay)(Eu)[CDD7954].zip

Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A853 728507-2 R70 ARC].zip

Mad Dog II - the Lost Gold (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][A810 CP 00014-2 R71].zip

Mahjong Kyou Jidai - AV Gal Seifuku Hen (1994)(Micronet)(Jp)[MC-700-R1M].zip

Mazer (1995)(American Laser Games)(US)[B1279 CP 000388-2 R70].zip

MegaRace (1994)(Mindscape)(US)[B309 DJ 219961-2 R73].zip

MegaRace (1994)(Software Toolworks)(Eu)[CDD4686].zip

Microcosm (1994)(Psygnosis)(US)[!][DK 10376 SRCR01].zip

Myst (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[FZSM0204 R1J].zip

Need for Speed, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A1115 CC 735507-2 R70].zip

Novastorm (1994)(Psygnosis)(US)[!][3DRM-1255110 1].zip

Off-World Interceptor (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(Eu)[!][3DRM1241330 1].zip

OverDrivin' (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Jp)[Road & Track Presents][IMP-SD0101].zip

Panzer General (1995)(Mindscape)(Eu)[CS0902251-1].zip

PaTaank (1994)(PF.Magic)(US)[502565].zip

Pebble Beach Golf Links (1993)(Panasonic)(US)[!][FZ-SM0101].zip

Pebble Beach Golf Links (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!][FZ-SE0101].zip

Pebble Beach no Hatou (1994)(Panasonic)(Jp)[!][FZ-SJ0101].zip

PGA Tour 96 (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD9834].zip

Phoenix 3 (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[CDD9418].zip

PO'ed (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[!][CDD9414].zip

Policenauts - Pilot Disc (1995)(Konami)(Jp)[VZ-001-R2C V].zip

Powers Kingdom (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!][FZ-SE0202].zip

Primal Rage (1995)(GoldStar)(Eu)[CDD9355].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 3)[!][CDD9829].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 3)[!][CDD9830].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 3 of 3)[!][CDD9831].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 1 of 3)[!][CC 726307.1].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 2 of 3)[!][CC 726307.2].zip

Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 3 of 3)[!][CC 726307.3].zip

Quarantine (1994)(Gametek)(US)[!][439480068501RE R1H].zip

Quarantine (1994)(Gametek)(US)[439480068501RE3 R3J].zip

Real Pinball (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[FZ-SE 0801 7].zip

Return Fire (1994)(Silent)(Eu)[CDD6523].zip

Return Fire (1994)(Silent)(Eu)[CDD7041].zip

Return Fire (1995)(Prolific)(US)[!][WO 47062-1].zip

Rise of the Robots (1995)(Time Warner Interactive)(Eu)[CDD6492].zip

Road Rash (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[a][CDD4431].zip

Road Rash (1994)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[CDD4431].zip

Samurai Shodown (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][60020 R1J].zip

Scramble Cobra (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[CDD8990].zip

Shanghai - Banri no Choujou (1994)(Electronic Arts Victor)(Jp)[FZ-SJ1660-2-R1C].zip

Shanghai - Triple-Threat (1994)(Activision)(US)[!][TRIPLETHREAT R1J].zip

Shanghai - Triple-Threat (1994)(Activision)(US)[B1375 CE 02500-2.4 R71].zip

Shockwave (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[!][A559 CC 722207-2 RE1 R70].zip

Shockwave (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A779 CC 722207-2 RE2 R75].zip

Shockwave - Operation JumpGate (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[data disc][A1086 CC 747007-2 R70].zip

Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 2)[!][CDD9827].zip

Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 2)[!][CDD9828].zip

Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)[!][CC 755007.1].zip

Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)[!][CC 755007.2].zip

Slam 'N Jam '95 (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(Eu)[!][3DRM-1306380].zip

Slayer (1994)(Mindscape)(Eu)[CS090053 14].zip

Slayer (1994)(SSI)(US)[!][SLAYER R1J].zip

Slayer (1994)(SSI)(US)[B1369 CE 02500-21 R71].zip

Snowjob (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 2)[CDD12399].zip

Snowjob (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 2)[CDD15444].zip

Soccer Kid (1994)(Studio 3DO)(US)[B260 CE 00942-2 R70].zip

Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[!][CDD7065].zip

Space Pirates (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[B1508 CP 000203-2 R72].zip

Star Fighter (1995)(Studio 3DO)(Eu)[!][CDD9417].zip

Star Wars - Rebel Assault (1993)(LucasArts)(US)[!][636230 R1H].zip

StarBlade (1994)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!].zip

StarBlade (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[B591 DE SM5351-2 R70].zip

Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge (1993)(Dynamix)(US)[CU 603603 SRCR02].zip

Strahl (1995)(Panasonic)(US)[FZSM4651].zip

Striker - World Cup Special (1995)(Panasonic)(Eu)[!][CDD8888].zip

Super Real Mahjong PIV + Aishou Shindan (1994)(Naxat)(Jp)[FZ-SJ6451-R1C].zip

Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[A1069 DE SM3851-2 RE1 R72].zip

Super Wing Commander (1994)(Origin)(Eu)[CDD4429].zip

Super Wing Commander (1994)(Origin)(US)[!][B150 CC 10024-2 70].zip

Supreme Warrior (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)[!][Fire & Earth][GW 02421.1].zip

Supreme Warrior (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)[!][Wind & Fang Tu][GW 02421.2].zip

Syndicate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(Eu)[CDD7040].zip

Syndicate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)[!][B1127 CC 737007-2 R70].zip

Total Eclipse (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][W.O 57911-1V 57911CD].zip

Total Eclipse (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[3DRM-1214760].zip

Total Eclipse (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)[DFJN5015ZAZ].zip

Twisted - The Game Show (1993)(Electronic Arts)(US)[A983 CC 730807-2 R73].zip

Virtuoso (1994)(Elite)(Eu)[!][CDD5397].zip

VR Stalker (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)[!][B346 CP 000241-2 R70].zip

Waialae Country Club (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[!][A953 DE SM0102-2 R71].zip

Way of the Warrior (1994)(Interplay)(Eu)[!].zip

Way of the Warrior (1994)(Universal)(US)[!][U1SB1002 R1H].zip

Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 1 of 4)[!].zip

Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 2 of 4)[!].zip

Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 3 of 4)[!].zip

Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(Eu-US)(Disc 4 of 4)[!].zip

World Cup Golf - Hyatt Dorado Beach (1994)(U.S. Gold)(Eu)[!][CDD5586].zip

Yu Yu Hakusho (1994)(Tomy)(Jp)[FP-125].zip

Zhadnost - The Peoples Party (1995)(3DO Company)(Eu)[!][A1514 CE 02102-2 R70].zip


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