Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Philips - Videopac+ (No-Intro 20081108)

Philips Videopac+ is the successor to the Videopac/Odyssey², and was released in Europe in 1983. It was called the Odyssey³ in the United States, however it never made it beyond the prototype stage there.

The Videopac+ supported three types of cartridges:
  • Original Videopac cartridges
  • Remakes of Videopac games which featured better graphics when played on a Videopac+, and standard graphics when played on a Videopac.
  • New Videopac+ exclusive games.
Download Philips - Videopac+ (No-Intro 20081108):

Direct Download Link: Philips-Videopac+.rar

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