Friday, 7 August 2009

Sony PocketStation - Various (TOSEC-v2006-04-09)

"The PocketStation is a miniature personal digital assistant created by Sony as a peripheral for the PlayStation. Released exclusively in Japan on January 23, 1999, it features an LCD, sound, a real-time clock, and infrared communication capability. It also serves as a standard PlayStation memory card.

Software for the PocketStation was typically distributed as extras for PlayStation games, included in the CD-ROM, enhancing the games with added features. Stand-alone software could also be downloaded through the PlayStation console. The software is then transferred to the PocketStation for use. A built-in infrared data interface allows direct transfer of data such as game saves between PocketStation units, as well as multiplayer gaming.

Although the system was not widely released outside of Japan, there were apparently plans to do so. A feature on the system appeared in Official UK PlayStation Magazine, for example, and a few games (such as Final Fantasy VIII) retained PocketStation functionality in their localized versions. As a result, the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII added a stand-alone Chocobo World game as part of the installation." (Wikipedia)

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