Saturday, 28 March 2009

EACA Colour Genie EG-2000 - Various (TOSEC-v2006-03-18)

"The EACA EG2000 Colour Genie is a computer produced by Hong Kong-based manufacturer EACA. It followed their earlier Video Genie I and II computers and was released around the same time as the business-oriented Video Genie III.

The BASIC is compatible with the Video Genie I and II and the TRS-80, except for graphic and sound commands; some routines for Video Genie I BASIC commands were left over in the Colour Genie's BASIC ROM. Programs were provided to load TRS-80 programms into the Colour Genie. Colour Genie disks could be read in a TRS-80 floppy disk drive but not vice versa.

Unlike the earlier Video Genies, which were compatible with their main competitor (the Model I TRS-80), the Colour Genie is also incompatible with the rival TRS-80 Color Computer -- one fundamental difference being the different CPUs." (Wikipedia)

Download EACA Colour Genie EG-2000 - Various (TOSEC-v2006-03-18) romset from Megaupload:

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