Saturday, 4 April 2009

( Daphne ) Laserdisc MPEG: Us vs Them

"Us vs Them is a laser disc game manufactured by Gottlieb / Mylstar in 1984. It was created by Warren Davis who also created the cult classic, Q*bert.

In Us vs Them, you pilot a starship and must protect earth against alien invaders. You would see frightened citizens and military command personnel, as small intermissions throughout the game. Your mission takes place over San Francisco, Chicago, and Hollywood, as well as through forest, mountain, and desert terrain." (

Download Us vs Them MPEG files from Megaupload:

To play any Laserdisc game you will need a set of Daphne roms:


  1. miht try this 1 does anyone no if it runs ok in daphne ?

  2. might try this 1 does anyone no if it runs ok in daphne ? sorry about the last blog keyboards on last legs any ideas about the chihiro bios ? he he i'm desparate to no if it's real dr emulator (madmax)


    Now... What bios are you talking about?

  4. Thanks for the games, it´s very difficult find them.