Saturday, 27 June 2009

MAME 0.131 Set + 0.132 Update

MAME 0.132 is out for some time now and I haven't published any update yet. As you all know I travel a little now and unfortunately I'm offline most of the time. But Carlos Fernandez (one of my visitors) sent me an update for MAME (0.131 to 0.132). I can't test it but I trust it's fine so here are the links:

Please try it and let me know about any problems. I have also found a full MAME 0.131 set. This is not my upload but if you want to try it you can get the links from here:

Direct Download Link: 0.131Links


  1. Carlos Fernández28 June 2009 at 00:23

    Thanks for post my upload :) Now, I can tell you the pepo's 0.131 set is %100 ok; I downloaded and now I have the latest 0.132 full set.

  2. very thanks mate!