Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (No-Intro 20090701) Update

We have 5 new roms in the No-Intro 20090701 update:

[BIOS] WonderMega (Japan) (Sega).zip
Phantasy Star II - Rudger's Adventure (Japan) (SegaNet).zip
Phantasy Star II - Yushis's Adventure (Japan) (SegaNet).zip
Phantasy Star II - Amia's Adventure (Japan) (SegaNet).zip
Phantasy Star II - Nei's Adventure (Japan) (SegaNet).zip

Download Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (No-Intro 20090701) Update:

Direct Download Link: smd20090701.rar


Two extra roms:

Adventurous Boy - Mao Xian Xiao Zi (China) (Unl).zip
Clay Fighter (Europe) [folder: Clay Fighter (Europe).zip


Direct Download Link: 2xsmd.rar


  1. First, I really thank your uploading NES files.
    Second, I needed some info:considering your high speed & sizes of file uploads,I suppose you've got all uploaded files.As the matter of fact, it's great to see all these stored on DVDs, especially for me that can't download them due to low connection as I mentioned before.
    Has it ever been possible for you to send some of these to other countries? If so, what are your conditions to send?
    (I'm one of Snesorama members)
    ThanX in advance.

  2. About burning service please contact me on my email address. I did it before but there was too many people asking for that and I couldn't manage it.

  3. Thank you very much, i download all the paks.
    is absent: Tiny Toon Adventures (Korea)
    can you upload or send me an e-mail? Thank you!!

  4. I would like download "tiny toon adventures (korea)" too. If there this rom, please indicate where can i download it.