Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tandy Radio Shack - Magazines - CLOAD (TOSEC-v2006-06-07)

"CLOAD was a magazine on cassette for the TRS-80 Model I computer, and was a forerunner of the later concept of disk magazines. It began publishing in March, 1978, by founding publisher Ralph McElroy and editor Dick Fuller. Its name was from the command used in TRS-80 BASIC to load a program from a cassette. David Lagerquist became editor-in-chief of CLOAD Magazine in July 1980. It continued publishing until at least 1984, and was joined by sister publication Chromasette, for the TRS-80 Color Computer. In October 1982 it was made available on floppy disk as well, making it a true disk magazine.

As of May 1983, the price of a subscription to the disk subscription of CLOAD was $95 USD a year for 12 issues (the cassette version was $50 a year), $55 for six issues, and $11 for a single copy.

The publisher of CLOAD had enough of a sense of humor to do a self-parody for the April 1980 issue of Creative Computing. This issue, a spoof of computer magazines, included many fake ads, but the ad for "CLOD Magazine" ("not for you, FOR YOUR TRASH-80") was really placed as an ad by CLOAD." (Wikipedia)

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