Wednesday, 20 April 2011

TOSEC 2011-04-07: Fujitsu FM-7

"FM-7 (Fujitsu Micro 7) is a home computer released in 1982 in Japan. The Fujitsu FM-7 was Fujitsu's first entry into the Japanese home computer market, and for their debut computer, they chose to come out with a 6809-based personal computer very similar to Radio Shack's Color Computer." (Wikipedia)

Fujitsu FM-7 - Applications (TOSEC-v2011-02-07)
Fujitsu FM-7 - Demos - [D77] (TOSEC-v2011-02-07)
Fujitsu FM-7 - Demos - [T77] (TOSEC-v2011-02-07)
Fujitsu FM-7 - Games - [D77] (TOSEC-v2011-02-07)
Fujitsu FM-7 - Games - [T77] (TOSEC-v2011-03-27):

This is the last update to the TOSEC 2011-04-07 release. All sets should be complete now.

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