Saturday, 12 September 2009

MAME 0.134 Full Romset

Full MAME 0.134 set is now available. Every single rom has been uploaded separately so you can get the one you need or download the whole set. It's up to you. Below you'll find a plain text file with all the links. You can import it into your download manager or just pick single links. It's about 23253 MB of data so you may need a premium account for that. Three people who will email me now will get a 30 Days Premium Account.

Download MAME 0.134 Full Romset from Rapidshare (link list):

Direct Download Link: mame-0.134.rar


All three Premium RS accounts are already gone.


  1. It's a pity these are RS links, 1 download = 15 minutes waiting....
    Megaupload doesn't have that issue and speed is very good for non premuim users, plus no waiting time, plus you can use a download manager, plus you can resume downloads.
    I dont see the point why using RS when most people doesnt have a premium account.
    Guess i will have to look for a torrent.

  2. some please repost the mame 134 full set without 1000 rapidshare links please lol.

  3. Thank you! I think it is a good idea to upload single roms. I have most of the 0.134 set so I won't have to download the full set.

  4. Thank you very much ! I *DO* have a RS premium-account and I really appreciate your work :)

  5. We ALL appreciate his work, dont miss the point MH...

  6. This is exactly what I was lookin for! Great blog!!!

  7. why insist on rapidshare, free users difficult to download thing from there, megaupload/mediafire would is a better choice?

  8. Great upload, thanks!

    And if you're too cheap to get a RS account, go somewhere else! Uploaders choose what / where to upload. Us leeches just get to be thankful!

    Only thing worse than people complaining are those not even saying thanks before they complain!

  9. update .133 to .134 please this link is sad

  10. I can't get clrmamepro to work with crossover on my mac, can anyone confirm that this is a good set for 0134?

    Regarding rapidshare, don't be cheap - pay the 7 euros - it's quite a nice price for what you get. Full speed and also very good security compared to torrents.

  11. "You can import it into your download manager or just pick single links".... Welp my donwload manager "exploded" everytime I tried to feed him that humongous txt file

    I had to chop the list into dozens of txt files so the thing would not crash everytime

    I would say uploading every single rom separetely has been a bad idea in this "particular" case... I mean for a download this size a single rar file would be the best choice....

    But thanks anyway for the Romset, this website is my number one, you ppl rulez

  12. Oh man i cant tell you how much you made my day.

    thank you

  13. megaupload please!!!

    Thanks for your effort!!

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