Monday, 28 September 2009

Megaupload Mirror!

It looks like Rapidshare has too many clients. This morning I have received a letter saying:

"Premium Accounts whose files use more than 25 GB ( Bytes) of storage will be subject to the file inactivity regulations, which effectuate the automatic deletion of inactive files. A file is inactive if it has not been downloaded for at least 90 days."

So I just bought a premium Megaupload account and started to transfer all the important files there to save them for the future visitors. Many people were complaining about using RS for our uploads anyway so now all of them can download roms in a manner they prefer. It takes a lot of time, coffee and fags to copy such amount of files from RS to MU but it's going pretty good. I have a mirror of all the Amiga TOSEC sets (noncd sets), and a lot of other TOSEC stuff already. Most of the magazines is available from MU now. I hope to copy all the Daphne mpeg files today.

I don't know yet if we will move from RS to MU permanently and make MU our primary hosting service but I guess it should be clear soon. Obviously I want YOU to tell me what do you think about it.

So please leave a comment!

Thank you.

P.S. And thanks for all the love letters! hehehe.


All "non cd" TOSEC sets are already on Megaupload.


All Daphne stuff and some goodsets has been transferred to MU already. The Zinc set has been finally updated.

90 days limit is not the only reason for transferring files to MU. Lately many people is asking for MU mirror. It's not very difficult to perform thanks to MU multifetch feature and some Greasemonkey hack. Obviously I will still maintain RS links.

Update 28.09.2009:

If you are looking for No-Intro sets mirror, or just for a full set, please do not download anything yet. Almost all No-Intro sets (FULL and the latest versions) are on the way to MU and RS right now! Everything will be published in one post very soon!


  1. That's ok... Your work is GREAT. Don't mind if it's on RS or MU. :) .

  2. Darn now i need a MU account!! good call tho basically same shit diffrent pile!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YOUR THE REASON BEHIND MY MULTI EMULATOR CABINET!!

  3. You are doing a fantastic work, really.
    I prefer MU because RS have too many issues, like 5gb per day, 25gb max of accumulative dowloads and now that email...
    MU don't have that issues.


  4. thanks for all the hard work uploading 24/7 for us all to enjoy!

  5. First at all, thanks for your work!!
    I prefer MU!! the downloading is much faster than rapidshare.
    Greetings from Spain.

  6. I always used RS because i never got problem with them and also have other sites with RS files hosting.
    The only time i used MU premium i got problems with the account so in the end i'm not so inclined to vhange my account (but ofc i will do it if you will use MU as your only hosting).

    damn.. i just renewed my RS premium -_-

  7. Megaupload,Megaupload,Megaupload,Megaupload,Megaupload,Megaupload,Megaupload,Megaupload,...

  8. Thanks a lot for using Megaupload, the only limitation is 1 file per time, speed is great, supports resume, so its gonna be better for everybody.(except RS premium users of course)

  9. Just switch to megaupload. Rapidshit sucks hard. Kudos for your efforts anyway :)

  10. Whatever works better for you is ok with us. Thanks for the work of upping these files, really appreciate it.

  11. Awesome news. You just made my day. Thanks for all your work.

  12. the 25 gb limit is not a new one.
    but there is a method to refresh the files to prevent them from deletion after 90 days.

    you can refresh your links with this:

    great site!

  13. MU has always been better. You don't need a premium account to download full speed, you don't have to wait between downloads and they can be resumed without a premium!!! And someone said you can't download more than one file at a time, use a download manager. Why would you want to download more than 1 at a time?? It will still take the same amount of time to download multi at once because it shares your bandwidth.

  14. Thank you!!!!
    Megaupload is better than RS, no doubt about it.

  15. I prefer RapidShare, because MegaUpload is very slow from where I live. Never had trouble with RapidShare and very fast speeds. I tested MegaUpload once and found that I don't like providers who want to force their proprietary download managers on me.
    BTW: Any plans for new No-Intro and MAME Updates? Or has everything been out?
    Thanks for your hard work.

  16. Latarantax said...
    I tested MegaUpload once and found that I don't like providers who want to force their proprietary download managers on me.

    Test it again then, cause you are not forced to use any download manager at all. You can even use your preferred one of your choice.
    RS offers the same?
    You dont have to wait 15' between downloads, RS offers the same?
    Besides files "live" longer in MU than RS, and regarding speed no matter where you live i doubt RS is faster then MU (always speaking of FREE services of course).

  17. It's a lot of work for you to upload all these files, so mirroring them on megaupload in case they're deleted from rapidshare is a good idea, and if you decide to switch permanently to megaupload that'll be OK.

    I was thinking that a torrent, tracked by openbittorrent, might be a good alternative, too. Maybe seeders will be scarce but still.

  18. uhm, why do the extra work of uploading around 500GB again to a site where the same can happen? there are tools to check RS links and if one is down, just re-uploading that one saves tons of time (assuming you have the files on hard drive anyway and not just online). i see, someone even found a tool that refreshes links. i'd say, no worries about that RS mail. and thanks too for all the great work and rare stuff.

  19. Thank you for your hard work. Now we have the free choice.

  20. Thanks for the great work you are doing man, megaupload will not give those rapi-problems, is much better than rapidshare in every way.

  21. You are a STAR! Thank you so much for the Megaupload links! Sooooo much better. I hope you decide to keep Megaupload. Oh, will you be adding H-Z set for the CD32 games too? I thought I would ask too. Thank you again though, your hard work is appreciated, Kind Regards.