Sunday, 22 November 2009

Reading Room: Commodore Manuals

A friend of mine just sent me pack of DVDs containing a lot of Commodore & Amiga related stuff. Lots of books, magazines and user guides. She's a true retro gaming freak from Spain and she has a lot of stuff like that, so you can expect a huge number of books to be posted here. Let's start form a few commodore manuals.

Download Commodore manuals (all in PDF format) from Megaupload:

1084S Color Monitor Manual:

1084S Monitor Users Guide:

1351 Mouse Users Manual:

1351 Mouse Utility Disk Instructions:

1361 Printer Users Manual:

1402 Monitor Service Manual:

1404 Monitor Service Manual:

1520 Printer Plotter users Manual (Style B):

1530 Datassette CN2 Operating Instructions:

1540 Users Manual:

1540-1541 Disk Drive 314002-01 (1985 Nov):

1540-1541 Disk Drive Preliminary 314002-01 (1985 Apr):

1541 Users Guide:

1541C Users Guide:

1541-II Service Manual Addendum 314862-01 (1988 Mar):

1541-II Users Guide:

1551 Disk Drive Users Guide:

1571 Service Manual Preliminary 314002-04 (1986 Oct):

1571 Users Guide:

1581 Service Manual 314982-01 (1987 Jun):

1581 Users Guide:

1600 VIC-20 VICMODEM Manual:

1670 Modem 1200 Users Guide:

1701 Monitor Users Guide:

1702 Monitor Users Manual:

1764 Ram Expansion Module Users Guide:

1902A Monitor Users Guide (English-French):

1902A Monitor Users Guide:

1940-1942 Users Guide:

2002 Monitor Users Guide:

2022 and 2023 Printer Users Manual:

3k Ram Pack vic-1210:

4022 Printer Users Manual:

6400 Printer Users Manual:

8000 Users Guide:

8010 Modem Operators Manual:

8023P Printer Users Manual:

8024 Printer Operator Guide:

8250 Dual Floppy Manual Addendum Part Number (8250003):

8250 SFD-1001 Disk Drive Technical Manual:

B Series Users Guide:

BASIC v4 Users Reference Manual:

C128 Diagnostic Instruction and Troubleshooting Manual (314060-01-02):

C128 Programmers Reference Guide:

C128D Introductory Guide:

C16 Owners Guide:

C16 Service Manual 314001-03 (1984 Oct):

C2N Cassette Unit Operating Instructions:

C2N Your Model Tape Cassette Operating Instructions:

C64 Dead Test Diagnostic Manual (1988-Jan):

C64 Diagnostic Instruction and Troubleshooting Manual (326070-01):

C64 Macro Assembler Development System Manual (C64101):

C64 Macro Assembler Development System Supplement (C64101):

C64 Programmers Reference Guide:

C64 Service Manual 314001-02 (1985 Feb):

C64 Service Manual 314001-02 (1985 Mar):

C64 Service Manual 314001-02 (1985 Sep):

C64 Users Manual:

C64C GEOS V1.3 Users Manual:

C64C GEOS V1.5 Users Manual:

C64C Introductory Guide:

C64C System Guide:

C64DX aka C65 System Specifications Preliminary (1991 Mar):

C64GS Tech Data 400401-01 (1990 May):

Commodore 128 128D Service Manual 1987 Nov:

Commodore Modem 300 Users Manual:

Commodore PC 286:

Commodre 64 Music Maker Manual:

Disk Reference Manual (D9090 D9060 8250 8050 4040 2031):

Disk System User Reference Guide:

Easy Lesson Easy Quiz:

International Soccer Manual:

Logo Instruction Manual:

More about CBM 4040 DOS:

MPS-1000 Service Manual 319907-01 (1986 Nov):

MPS-1224C Printer Service Manual:

MPS-1230 Service Manual 314998-01 (1989 Jul):

MPS-1250 Dot Matrix Printer Users Guide:

MPS-1250 Printer Service Manual Supplement:

MPS-803 Printer Users Guide:

Nevada COBOL for the Commodore 64:

Plus 4 Docs:

Plus 4 Intergrated Software Manual:

Plus 4 Service Manual 314001-04 (1984 Oct):

Simons BASIC:

SX-1 CD32 Users Guide:

SX-64 Users Guide:

VIC Machine Code Monitor:

VIC-1001 User Manual:

VIC-1011A RS-232C Manual:

VIC-20 Personal Computing Guide:

VIC-20 Programmers Reference Guide 1st Edition 6th Printing:


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  3. Why would you need a premium account for Megaupload? You can download all you want with any download manager and you can even resume!
    Is obvious you didnt even try it...

  4. wow has anyone ever seen a c64c look so white?!!!!
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  10. Great download here, I have some C64 into to programming books I could scan (don't think anyone would mind copyright wise, they're very old now), is there an interest for this kind of thing still?

    And PS: Downloaded above with jDownloader having has it recommended in the forums. Not had a single problem with - it works fantastically with mega-upload. Don't want to fuel the flames above but the comment about jDownloader not working is rubbish and I don't want people to feel like it's not worth using.

  11. Megaupload was taken over by the FBI a few weeks ago.
    Looks like these files need a new home, as all those links are dead.