Saturday, 14 August 2010

Arcade Cabinet Plans

I have been a bit busy lately so I didn't even start to think seriously about building my arcade cabinet but I was asking around for some informations in the meantime. The arcade market in Poland is rather poor and all you can find are a vending machine dealers. It looks much better in Germany and US. You can get everything you need: buttons, controllers and even pre build cabinets. It's not a problem to order a bunch of buttons from an online store but a cabinet is a heavy thing and the shipping cost makes it pointless. I'm going to cut it by myself since I have all power tools I may need but If you know a place in Poland where you can get it, please let me know. There are other people in Poland who would like to buy it.

While I was looking for informations and talking to people I found two things.

1. Arcade Cabinet Plans You can download plans (in EPS and JPG formats) for over 20 classics machines including Dragon's Lair, Mortal Combat, Galaga and Pac-Man.

2. Extreme Arcade - Automaty Arcade This forum has been set up by a friend of mine. There's a lot of info about building and setting up an arcade cabinet in the Internet but very little in Polish. Not everyone speaks English so this is a place for all Poles who are into arcade machines. Please, spread the news and help the forum to grow up! I hope you find both sites useful.

I'd like to thank Alex for his help. I have some questions and I'll write to you soon.