Monday, 24 November 2008

NEC - SuperGrafx Full No-Intro 20081108 Romset

"The SuperGrafx video game console is an upgraded version of NEC's popular PC Engine (North America: TurboGrafx-16) system. At first it was known as the PC-Engine 2 — which was purported to be a true 16-Bit system with improved graphics and audio capabilities, not expected to see release until 1990. However the final machine was named SuperGrafx, was released earlier than expected, in late 1989, only provided modestly enhanced graphics over the original PC-Engine, had audio that was the same as the PC-Engine and no 16-bit CPU, just the same one as the PC-Engine.

The enhancements SuperGrafx did have: compared to the PC-Engine, SuperGrafx has four times the amount of work RAM for the main CPU, a second video chip with its own video RAM, and a priority controller chip that allowed the output of both video chips to be combined in various ways. SuperGrafx had support for two independently scrolling background layers, like the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, instead of the PC-Engine's single layer.

The SuperGrafx was not well received, due to a lack of software written to support its enhanced abilities; only 7 titles were ever released. There were no CD, SCD, or ACD games written that took advantage of the SuperGrafx platform. Game software was also very expensive, with games approaching 110 (USD). However, the SuperGrafx can play PCE HuCards, PCE CDs, PCE Super CDs, PCE Arcade CDs, and the native SuperGrafx HuCards. These titles combined totals to a very respectable library of near 700 titles.

In addition, its single 8-bit CPU had a heavy workload managing the extra video hardware.

One accessory of note was the Power Console, designed to add a full flight yoke, throttle and keypad to the SuperGrafx, sliding over the entire console. Besides a prototype, no Power Consoles were ever produced." (Wikipedia)


  1. 1941 - Counter Attack (Japan) (Alt)
  2. 1941 - Counter Attack (Japan)
  3. Aldynes (Japan).zip
  4. Battle Ace (Japan).zip
  5. Dai Makaimura (Japan).zip
  6. Madou Ou Granzort (Japan).zip
Download NEC - SuperGrafx No-Intro 20081108 Romset:


  1. Never even heard of this system until coming to this site!! Many thanks and many props!!


  2. Well, I knew what the supergrafx was and was looking online to see if any site had a rom of the never released game strider.