Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tiger: No-Intro 20081125 Romset

The (pronounced in TV commercials as "game com", not "game dot com" and not capitalized in marketing material) was a handheld game console released by Tiger Electronics in September 1997. It featured many new ideas for handheld consoles and was aimed at an older target audience, sporting PDA-style features and functions such as a touch screen and stylus. However, Tiger hoped it would also challenge Nintendo's Game Boy and gain a following among younger gamers too. Unlike other handheld game consoles, the first consoles included two slots for game cartridges and could be connected to a 14.4 kbit/s modem. Later models reverted to a single cartridge slot.


  1. Batman & Robin (USA).zip
  2. Centipede (USA).zip
  3. Duke Nukem 3D (USA).zip
  4. Fighters MegaMix (1998) (71-739) [b1].zip
  5. Fighters Megamix (USA).zip
  6. Frogger (USA).zip
  7. External BIOS (1997) (71-516) [a1].zip
  8. Henry (USA).zip
  9. Indy 500 (USA).zip
  10. Internet (USA).zip
  11. Jeopardy! (USA).zip
  12. Jurassic Park - The Lost World (USA).zip
  13. Lights Out (USA).zip
  14. Monopoly (USA).zip
  15. Mortal Kombat Trilogy (1997) (71-711).zip
  16. Mortal Kombat Trilogy (USA).zip
  17. Quiz Wiz - Cyber Trivia (USA).zip
  18. Resident Evil 2 (1998) (71-745).zip
  19. Resident Evil 2 (USA).zip
  20. Scrabble (USA).zip
  21. Sonic Jam (1998) (71-734) [b1].zip
  22. Sonic Jam (USA).zip
  23. Tiger Casino (1998) (71-731).zip
  24. Tiger Casino (USA).zip
  25. Tiger Web Link (USA).zip
  26. Wheel of Fortune (USA).zip
  27. Wheel of Fortune 2 (USA).zip
  28. Williams Arcade Classics (USA).zip
  29. [BIOS] Tiger (USA) (External).zip
  30. [BIOS] Tiger (USA) (Internal).zip

Download Tiger: No-Intro 20081125 Romset:

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