Wednesday, 25 February 2009

( Daphne ) Laserdisc MPEG: Super Don Quix-ote + Super Don Quix-ote [re-encoded]

"Super Don Quix-ote is a laserdisc video game released by Universal in 1984. It was the first and only game released for the Universal System 1, a standardized laser disc video game system.

The game is very loosely inspired by its namesake, Don Quixote, and features a young man on a quest to save his girlfriend Isabella from an evil witch. Don is accompanied on his travels by a donkey (probably based on "Rocinante", the original Don Quixote's horse), and an unnamed, fat little man (presumably Sancho Panza). The closest parallel to the original story is a scene in which Don fights a giant at a windmill, but the rest of the game pits Don against a mummy, giant snakes, flying electric jellyfish, a totem pole, and other scenarios with no relation to the original story. The game ends when Don Quixote kills the witch and rescues Isabella.

Gameplay-wise, Super Don Quix-ote was very similar to Dragon's Lair; the button controlled the hero's sword and, in most cases, failing a scene would advance you to the next scene, with the failed scene showing up again later in the game. The major difference that set Super Don Quix-ote apart from previous laserdisc video games was the fact that an overlaid icon would indicate the time and direction of each correct input, whereas all other laserdisc games at the time gave no indication of correct moves, except an occasional "flash" incorporated into the animation itself." (Wikipedia)

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