Monday, 11 May 2009

30 Days Premium Rapidshare Account for free!

Note the pass and login below, go to log in and change the password.

LOGIN: taken
PASS: taken

It is just one account! Please change the email address and pass in RS control panel before you lock the account. If you get it please leave a comment so I can cross out the pass&login.



  1. I'm really sorry for what happened... I clicked on the wrong spot by mistake.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the account!

  2. I assume the account is taken is it?

  3. The reason why I ask people to change the email address before they lock the account is that RS can block an account if it's accessed from multiple IP. So... If I have to log in to unlock it RS records my IP. It happened a few times already.
    I also ask to leave a comment, so I don't have to try to log in and check the account. I can also delete the login details so other people won't try to change the pass. It's only for your sake.

  4. Yes, the account is taken (by me).

    I understand now how RS works (I'm totally new to RS). Thanks a lot for all the explanations and your patience...

  5. how can i get another?


    even it only for 3 days?


  6. Uh, how about sharing files or buy one?

  7. how much does it want for sharing files?

    well.. i dont have any credit card, and i cant afford to buy one >.<

  8. I don't sell any rs accounts. If you want to buy one go to If you want one free one you need some luck and be around while I'll be giving away login&pass.

  9. well, ive been around ur blog many time already.. waiting for any new account from you :)