Thursday, 28 May 2009

El Arte De La Guerra

Last night I've got an email form Gabriel, a guy from Argentina who's converting his Amiga floppy disks collection to adf. He's got some pretty rare stuff unavailable in the TOSEC, No-Intro or any other Amiga software collection. It's even impossible to find it in Google. Most of the software has been made in Argentina and I hope to upload it all :-) So here is the first piece, a game called El Arte De La Guerra
  • Arte De La Guerra, El (1990)(Broderbund)(Es)[cr MRGAG].zip
The game itself is not unique. There is a French version in TOSEC (Art de la Guerre, L' (1990)(Broderbund)(Fr)[cr Angels - Defjam].zip) but it looks like it's the first available dump of Spanish version.

Download Arte De La Guerra, El (1990)(Broderbund)(Es)[cr MRGAG].zip from MediaFire:


  1. May I suggest Gabriel checking SPS disk imaging protocol/sending his original disks to SPS for proper .ipf imaging?

    Of course after he finishes with his current .adf project.

  2. yeah, I was about to suggest SPS too. the adf images are nice and all but not real preservation

  3. To start, I will convert my disks only to adf images and will give retrogame the ones which are not available in any tosec.
    Sps uses only original (not cracked) software, so i will see what to do with the originals i may have, but know that most of my disks are cracked versions.

  4. che, todo bien, pero ese juego es de 1984, estaba en PC y lo jugué mil veces y NO ES de quien dice ser "idea original" y toda esa pelotudez que dice ahí, digo, el Ancient Art of War es un juego viejísimo como para trucharlo tan cochinamente