Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Retro Quiz 20.05.09

I hope that will satisfy most of the people who were complaining about previous form of giving away free RS account. Now all you have to do is to be a true retro gamer and name the game from the screenshot below and email the correct answer to me. You have to be the first to get the RS account.

Guess which game this screenshot is from.


It's done :-) The name is: COLORADO


  1. I like this idea!

  2. bravo bravo
    although i didn't no that was what it was called
    what system was it on?

    p's can you use smilleys on here i'll try [smilie=a_bravo.gif] [smilie=a_okbyenow.gif] :thumbsup

    dr emulator (madmax)

  3. The game is available for Atari ST, Amiga and DOS.

  4. The Amiga version of the game has a working crack (no words from the manual asked) so you can play it till the end (i did it).
    Never i could find a working version of Metal Mutant, from Silmarils as well. All of them work till the end of the 1st stage, than the game asks for a pass, which i don't have. Would be great if someone has the manual scanned, so i could play it, TIA.
    PS: Good idea retrogame, hope some day i'll get the RS account, i'm always late! :(

  5. Thanks for going back with the give away methods..Sir Huge P. Nus approves!:)