Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bypass Megaupload Captcha And Wait Time

If you don't have a premium MU account but want to download roms without waiting, you should check out the Mozilla Firefox add-on called: muautolink.

I know there are other solutions so if you know anything about it please leave a comment.


  1. SkipScreen: https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/11243
    To rule them all.
    May work or may not.

  2. I use JDownload that works great!

  3. Sorry JDownloader.
    Bypasses timeouts and reads captchas like a breeze.

  4. that firefox addon retro-roms mentioned worked for 3 files and now i get infinite loops (MU reloading over and over)

  5. jdownloader is excellent. i don't know why it needs to be 50 mb and consist of more than 1k files, but it works great out of the box.

    it monitors the clipboard and automatically adds links to the download list. it doesn't bypass anything, but it starts downloads automatically and enters the captcha code for you. great stuff. thanks for sharing

  6. Like Beppi I use JDowloader with a free account. You can download only 1 file at the time but the speed is decent and the Captcha recognition is good. If you download big stuff like MAME romset you might need to restart your DSL modem to change IP after a gig or 2. JDowloader can be configured to restart the modem automatically but I prefer to do it manualy and avoid attempt on my life by other net users in here :P

  7. Yep another vote here for Jdownloader because MU firefox addons arent very realiable.... at least not for a long time

  8. My favourite is CryptLoad..
    works perfect for me..
    I use a router with DD-WRT firmware so I made a router_reset.bat file to renew my IP... love it so much..
    never tried JDownload