Friday, 9 October 2009

Memotech MTX: GoodMTX v1.02

"The Memotech MTX500, MTX512 and RS128 were a series of Zilog Z80A processor-based home computers released by Memotech in 1983 and 1984. They were technically similar to MSX computers, but were not compatible.

The MTX500 had 32KB of RAM, the MTX512 had 64KB, and the RS128 had 128KB (a significant amount at that time). Although the Z80A could only address a maximum of 64KB at a time, the RS128's extra memory was accessible through the technique of page switching.

The computers featured an all-aluminum case and full size keyboard with real keys (unlike others of the same vintage such as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum). In addition to the standard (for the time) BASIC language interpreter, it included some interesting variations:

  • A built-in assembler
  • A forerunner of HyperCard called Noddy
  • More sprites than the comparable equipment at the time
  • Support for rudimentary windowing in BASIC

The computers also featured support for plug-in ROM cartridges (a little like the BBC Micro). The most popular of these was the ISO Pascal language which was much faster than interpreted BASIC. A considerable addition to any Memotech system was the hugely-expensive FDX system which added 5.25" floppy disk drives, Winchester hard disks and CP/M 2.2 operating system. A Memotech badged CGA monitor was also made available around the time of the FDX launch.

Although they were generally well-received, the computers were not a commercial success, and Memotech went into receivership in 1985.

The MTX512 did manage a minor cinematic appearance in the film Weird Science as the computer the two lead male characters use to hack into the Pentagon mainframe - however, it is highly unlikely that the impressive 3D graphics it was supposedly displaying were genuine." (Wikipedia)

Download GoodMTX v1.02 from Megaupload:

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