Friday, 2 October 2009

Model 2 Emulator 0.9 Roms

"The Sega Model 2 is an arcade system board released by Sega in 1993. Like the Model 1, it was developed in cooperation with Martin Marietta, and was a further advancement of the earlier Model 1 system. The most noticeable improvement was texture mapping, which enabled polygons to be painted with bitmap images, as opposed to the limited monotone flat shading that Model 1 supported.

Despite its high pricetag, the Model 2 platform was very successful. It featured some of the highest grossing arcade games of all time: Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter 2, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On and The House of the Dead to name a few.

Model 2 has four different varieties, commonly referred to as Model 2, Model 2A-CRX, Model 2B-CRX and Model 2C-CRX. While Model 2 and 2A-CRX use a custom DSP with internal code for the geometrizer, 2B-CRX and 2C-CRX use well documented DSPs and upload the geometrizer code at startup to the DSP. This, combined with the fact that some games were available for both 2A-CRX and 2B-CRX, led to the reverse engineering of the Model 2 and Model 2A-CRX DSPs." (Wikipedia)

You can download all or just a single rom from a shared folder.

Download Model 2 Emulator 0.9 Roms from Megaupload:


  1. Tttthhanks Man as Always Just fabulous ...!!!

  2. I cannot see any file in that folder (only the writing "file folders" and no download links).
    Have you the same problem?

  3. No. I can download files. Thanks for this upload!

  4. thanks Diaboł.

    the emulator is here- -

    just edit the emulator config settings for the location of the games and you re ready!