Saturday, 30 January 2010

Casio CFX-9850 - Various (TOSEC-v2009-10-22)

"First made in the year 1996, there have been numerous variations of the CFX-9850G. The 9850 series models have 3-colour screens apart from the 9750 versions which are black and white. The 9950G has 64k memory compared to the 32k of the original 9850G. The 9970G has symbolic algebra. Later versions such as Ga, GB and GC models fixed some bugs from the original G model and added some stats and finance features. The GB models have a built-in software library.

There are french versions where the ab/c and EXP buttons are labelled differently. (French versions: 9750=Graph 30,35,fx-8930GT; 9850,9950=Graph 60,65,CFX-9930GT,9940,9960; 9970=Graph 80)

The calculators weigh about 190 grams including batteries, and measure about 19.7 mm x 83 mm x 176 mm. Features include scientific calculations, including calculus, graphing and programming, statistics and matrix operations." (Wikipedia)

Download Casio CFX-9850 - Various (TOSEC-v2009-10-22) from Megaupload:

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