Sunday, 10 January 2010

Tatung Einstein TC-01: 7 x TOSEC

"The Tatung Einstein was an eight-bit home/personal computer produced by Taiwanese corporation Tatung, designed and assembled in Telford, England. It was aimed primarily at small businesses.

The Einstein was released in the United Kingdom in the summer of 1984, and 5,000 were exported back to Taipei later that year. A Tatung monitor (monochrome or colour) and printer were also available as options.

The machine was physically large, with an option for one or two built-in three-inch floppy disk drives manufactured by Hitachi. At the time, most home computers used ordinary tape recorders for storage. Another unusual feature of the Einstein was that on start-up the computer entered a simple machine code monitor, called MOS (Machine Operating System). A variety of software could then be loaded from disk, including a CP/M-compatible operating system called Xtal DOS, and a BASIC interpreter (Xtal BASIC).

More expensive than most of its rivals, and lacking an obvious niche market other than technically-advanced home programmers, the Einstein was commercially unsuccessful.

A later, revised version, called the Tatung Einstein 256 suffered a similar fate." (Wikipedia)

Download from Megaupload:

Tatung Einstein TC-01 - Applications (TOSEC-v2009-09-05)
Tatung Einstein TC-01 - Compilations - Educational (TOSEC-v2009-09-02)
Tatung Einstein TC-01 - Compilations - Games (TOSEC-v2009-09-02)
Tatung Einstein TC-01 - Educational (TOSEC-v2009-09-02)
Tatung Einstein TC-01 - Firmware (TOSEC-v2007-09-30)
Tatung Einstein TC-01 - Games (TOSEC-v2009-09-02)
Tatung Einstein TC-01 - Magazines (TOSEC-v2009-09-02)

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