Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sega 32X - Demos (TOSEC-v2009-01-21) Update

Download Sega 32X - Demos (TOSEC-v2009-01-21) Update from Megaupload:


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Babe Picture Demo (2004)(Fonzie)(PD).bin size=85888 crc=7c0587f6 md5=b13eb9474a946eff30546a9a2a768649

DevSter Owns the 32X Text Demo (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=4196 crc=03f9f674 md5=833653b5fd3d49c73e562a42eb7f4f8b

Hot Chick Demo (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=74588 crc=da9c93c9 md5=a62154ed4f0cfacd79012cdb2a164191

Hot Chick Demo - Fast Spinning (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=76840 crc=73b25607 md5=dde7f49364694285edc48b7362c45c91

Hot Chick Demo - Genesis VDP Overlay (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=77144 crc=817b7656 md5=d6dbd0dc6748d90d69095f9c473a40c2

Hot Chick Demo - High Quality 15BPP (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=148836 crc=938f4e1d md5=546823f02d20458c20113cf23e41c764

Hot Chick Demo - No SH2s - For Emulators (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=77788 crc=d581910d md5=4c6906c7d0e7a0a01268806a8a7fa788

Hot Chick Demo - No SH2s - For Hardware (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=77884 crc=02d37b32 md5=ff00fe687c0712952176510a0ceb1046

Hot Chick Demo - Slow Spinning (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=76840 crc=3d1d1191 md5=ca13d2ec9f208b0ebf90dd7b60124f6e

Hot Chick Demo - VDP Mode 2 (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=77144 crc=cbf2f87e md5=174fcbc5026408d00e727b907970f660

Hot Chick Demo - VDP Mode 3 (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=77144 crc=f2758266 md5=e68d3dba08fed9b6301502e89e226595

Hot Chick Demo - Zoom Shot (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=78384 crc=e6dd4f0c md5=b3afa1355edd3d8ea546a3562de877b3

Sega 32X Sample Program - Celtic PWM Test (1994)(Sega)(US)[b].bin size=462336 crc=f00cceee md5=dbc990db554e98958cbfb90b270a3f13

Sega Mars Sample Program - Egypt (1994)(Sega)[b2].bin size=131072 crc=08f601e1 md5=cf2a08955a2c92cf6b3a562807f0896e

Sega Mars Sample Program - GNU Sierra (1994)(Sega)[b].bin size=599768 crc=38dd7411 md5=97dbcc7366802b37a7f1fbbdcb5bd943

Sega Mars Sample Program - Runlength Mode Test (1994)(Sega)[b].bin size=229068 crc=c1630e9d md5=d79b2e1d3efaa1fa85b83afed474efc6

Sega Mars Sample Program - SOJ (1994)(Sega)[b].bin size=58584 crc=f3977117 md5=2cd456b784dfb3b214b51086d5954839

Sega Mars Sample Program - Texture Test (1994)(Sega)[b].bin size=17456 crc=5bdbaae1 md5=0eded8598a9d1d83c1abaef65fe7ea54

Super-X Raycasting Engine Test v1.0 (2004)(Fonzie)(PD).bin size=17128 crc=3316c17b md5=e93c5656eb04c97a9cd37b6f56c19323

Super-X Raycasting Engine Test v2.0 (2004)(Fonzie)(PD).bin size=23208 crc=19f8fa8f md5=024773eab6b3aacd7d4528f18c110d60

Switching CRAM Palettes Demo (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=2252 crc=007cd5f2 md5=9349b07af5cf6c7dd39ea0e43ae6a29d

Thunder Force IV Game Box Cover Demo (2004)(Fonzie)(PD).bin size=85888 crc=816b0cb4 md5=2449e7f984fb74afd350777439dd3294

Winter Demo (2004)(Fonzie)(PD).bin size=381220 crc=93d4b0a3 md5=e1e65872eabc294a2acfb7c3bd85c837

XOR Palette Demo - Green Fast Back and Forth Rotating (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=4696 crc=4e7ac3d4 md5=e6a3e8049631c65ea7193c15159012d9

XOR Palette Demo - Green Fast Rotating (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=4696 crc=e075ece6 md5=d6f06432d0e6a01940eb64c4a3f8a554

XOR Palette Demo - Green Fast Rotating No Stretching (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=76376 crc=84251f0a md5=11990609886231d241bd284fd2c05adb

XOR Palette Demo - Red Fast Rotating Backward (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=4648 crc=d4ae89da md5=adea726d3a7186292274014024620fb8

XOR Palette Demo - Red Fast Rotating Backward No Background Fill (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=4600 crc=7fce8c27 md5=40d1ac4aec5d036bc635724503a6aa39

XOR Palette Demo - Red Fast Rotating Backward Pixel Skipping (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=4648 crc=1b394d4f md5=fbfd4e7544095684573e7968c22fc526

XOR Palette Demo - Red Fast Rotating Optimized (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=4664 crc=941351aa md5=f5954481e3ccc894e2bb1cfc258eee2d

XOR Palette Demo - Red No Movement (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=3400 crc=c6428bb2 md5=fef67ecdf8c5369ba4acafac99c768b5

XOR Palette Demo - Red Slow Rotating (2004)(DevSter)(PD).bin size=5688 crc=98c25033 md5=9d5bac98307eccc776bac4831f60c524

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