Friday, 22 January 2010

Clrmamepro (cmpro) Tutorial - Part 4

Updating No-Intro and TOSEC sets is much easier than updating MAME romset. If you collect No-Intro ROMs you probably already know about DAT-o-MATIC. It's the official source of No-Intro DAT files. You can visit DAT-o-MATIC website to check if a new version of a DAT was released but there is an easier way to find it out. Go to Profiler,click WWW Mode and then Add Site... A new window will appear:

Put into theURL of Dat XML field, No-Intro into the Site Alias and press OK. Cmpro will download all the informations about available DAT files. It should looks like this:

If you don't see any DATs, click right mouse button inside the Profiler window, look for the Hide sub-menu:

and disable all options. You will see all the available DATs. You can't download any DATs from the Profiler so you will have to visit DAT-o-MATIC.

So let's say you have the Nintendo - Famicom Disk System 20091004 romset and the next version is available. Make sure you are not in the WWW Mode, download the new DAT file and drop it into the Profiler window. It will be put in the [NEW DATS]:

 Load it and you'll see a question:


Click Yes and simply go to the Scanner to scan your romset against the new DAT file. If there are new roms in the new DAT and you already have it, you can copy all new roms to your romset directory and scan it again to fix possible wrong names and make sure that the romset is complete. I'd say it's safe to do it this way without using Rebuilder as long as there is just one ROM in every set. Obviously this never apply to MAME romset!

If you plan to share your ROMSs using bit torrent you may want to consider using torrentzip on your collection. I think it's a lame tool mostly due to replacing files dates during re-zipping (1996-12-24) so make sure you will never use it on your DOS games! Torrentzip and bit torrent aren't the subject of this tutorial so use Google to find out what what and why.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will update this part of the tutorial.

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  1. Hi,

    Complete noob.

    I currently have a ROM set v..139 but want to use MameUIFX32 0.135.

    As I understand it I will need a ROM set 0.135.

    Can I use ClrMamePro to do this and if yes, what are the steps?