Friday, 8 January 2010

Commodore C16, C116 & Plus-4 - Utilities - [PRG] (TOSEC-v2009-09-05)

Commodore +4
Download Commodore C16, C116 & Plus-4 - Utilities - [PRG] (TOSEC-v2009-09-05) from Megaupload:


  1. In the zip there is only one rom but I'm missing 26 more.
    How's the matter?

  2. You have to remember that with the last TOSEC release some roms have been moved from one set to another. I try to upload only new roms. The rest that is missing is already located in other older sets. So you have to rebuild this set using other Commodore C16, C116 & Plus-4 sets too.

  3. I've already done what you said but the roms are still missing.
    My starting set was the TOSEC 2007-03-14 and I've done a coplete rebuild.
    Thanks for the reply and for all your effort!

  4. Then go to: and request all the missing files. Do not forget to attach the fix_dat. I'll fix it for you at once.

  5. It looks like you have mixed up Commodore C16, C116 & Plus-4 - Utilities - [PRG] (TOSEC-v2009-09-05) with Commodore C16, C116 & Plus-4 - Games - [PRG] (TOSEC-v2009-09-04) :-) This update is for Utilities not Games.