Sunday, 4 January 2009

Camputers Lynx - Various (TOSEC-v2006-03-13)

"The Lynx was an 8-bit British home computer that was first released in early 1983 as a 48 kB model. The designer of the Lynx was John Shireff and several models were available with 48 kB, 96 kB or 128 kB RAM. It was possible reach 192 kB with RAM expansions on-board.

The machine was based around a Z80A CPU clocked at 4 MHz, and featured a Motorola 6845 as video controller. It was possible to run CP/M with the optional 5.25" floppy disk-drive on the 96 kB and 128 kB modells.

The machine was quite advanced for the time, but the high price (48 kB : £225, 96 kB : £299, 128k : £345) compared to its competitors, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the Oric 1, and lack of software was probably the reason for its short life. Approximately 30,000 Lynx units were sold world-wide.

Camputers ceased trading in June 1984. Anston Technology took over in November the same year and a re-launch was planned but never happened. In June 1986, Anston sold everything - hardware, design rights and thousands of cassettes - to the National Lynx User Group. The group planned to produce a Super-Lynx but was too busy supplying spares and technical information to owners of existing models, and the project never came into being." (Wikipedia)

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