Monday, 12 January 2009

( Daphne ) Laserdisc MPEG: Astron Belt

"Astron Belt is an early Laserdisc video game, released in 1983 by Sega in Japan and licensed to Bally Midway for production in the United States. It is commonly cited as the first Laserdisc game, but Quarter Horse by Electro-Sport, designed in 1981 and released in 1982, predates it in both design and release." (Wikipedia)

is a program that lets one play the original versions of many Laserdisc arcade games on one's PC. To play a game you will need four things:

  1. Daphne - The Emulator.
  2. Rom for every game. Usually a small file (~ 50KB).
  3. Original Laserdisc game or mpeg files (video rip)
  4. A frame file.
We upload mpeg files + frame files in one archive, link to the rom files is published below. The Daphne emulator can be downloaded from Daphne home site.

Download Daphne Roms from Megaupload:

Download Astron Belt MPEG files from Megaupload:

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