Wednesday, 14 January 2009

( Daphne ) Laserdisc MPEG: Dragon's Lair II: Time War

"Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp is a 1991 laserdisc video game by Don Bluth. It is regarded as the first "true" sequel to Dragon's Lair. It takes place years after the timeline of the original Dragon's Lair. Dirk has married Daphne, and the marriage has produced several children. When Daphne is kidnapped by an evil warlock in order to be forced into marriage, Dirk's children are clearly upset by the abduction of their mother, and Dirk must once again save her.

As with the original, Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp consists of an animated short film that requires the player to move the joystick or press a fire button at certain times in order to continue. The game follows a traditional damsel in distress storyline where Dirk must find and rescue Daphne with the help of a well-spoken time machine. Strangely, it seems that the time machine is (or has been possessed by) the brother of Mordroc, the foul wizard that has kidnapped Daphne. As the title suggests, Dirk travels through several dimensions and historical eras searching for Daphne, some are inspired by classic stories and fairytales such as Alice In Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty. Voice actor Michael Rye reprises his role as the narrator in the attract sequence, as he did with Dragon's Lair as well as Space Ace." (Wikipedia)

Download Dragon's Lair II: Time War MPEG files from Megaupload:

To play any Laserdisc game you will need a set of Daphne roms:

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