Wednesday, 21 January 2009

ColecoVision ADAM: 4 x TOSEC

"The Coleco Adam was a home computer, an attempt in the early 1980s by American toy manufacturer Coleco to follow on the success of its ColecoVision game console. The Adam was not very successful, partly because of early production problems.

Coleco announced the Adam in June 1983 at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and executives predicted sales of 500,000 by Christmas 1983. From the time of the computer's introduction to the time of its shipment, the price increased, from USD $525 to $725.

The Adam is famous for an incident connected with its showing at the June, 1983 CES. To showcase the machine, Coleco decided to demonstrate a port of its ColecoVision conversion of Donkey Kong on the system. Nintendo was in the midst of negotiating a deal with Atari to license its Famicom for distribution outside of Japan, and the final signing would have been done at CES. Atari had exclusive rights to Donkey Kong for home computers (as Coleco had for game consoles), and when Atari saw that Coleco was showing Donkey Kong on a computer, its proposed deal with Nintendo was delayed. Coleco had to agree not to sell the Adam version of Donkey Kong. Ultimately it had no bearing on the Atari/Nintendo deal though, as Atari's CEO Ray Kassar was fired the next month and the proposal went nowhere, with Nintendo deciding to market its system on its own." (Wikipedia)

Download from Megaupload:

ColecoVision ADAM - Applications (TOSEC-v2006-03-02)
ColecoVision ADAM - Compilations (TOSEC-v2006-03-02)
ColecoVision ADAM - Games (TOSEC-v2006-03-02)
ColecoVision ADAM - Operating Systems (TOSEC-v2006-03-02)

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