Tuesday, 13 January 2009

( Daphne ) Laserdisc MPEG: Bega's Battle

"Data East used footage from the film version of Harmagedon to create a laserdisc game titled Bega's Battle in 1983. The premise was slightly reworked, prompting the player to take on the role of a hero named Bega whose goal was to stop the invasion forces of the alien Varga, while also rescuing his three friends who had been kidnapped by them. Even among laserdisc games Bega's Battle has become somewhat rare because many of the machines were converted into Cobra Command machines as part of a discount deal offered by Data East in exchange for the internals of the Bega's Battle arcade cabinet." (Wikipedia)

Download Bega's Battle MPEG files from Megaupload:


To play any Laserdisc game you will need a set of Daphne roms:


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