Tuesday, 6 January 2009

NEOGEO CDZ Emulator v200512255 (Unlocked)

This is the final release version of NJ's NEOGEO CDZ emulator (binary files) which was released as source code only. This version can play games which are rebuilt from ISO+MP3s using a program like Nero's Image Recorder. The original emulator only worked with 1:1 images of the original CDs. Protection has been removed by (unknown). So far this is the best Neo-Geo CD emulator.

Download NEOGEO CDZ Emulator v200512255 (Unlocked) from Megaupload:


1 comment:

  1. Not totally inherent to this post but has someone got any success in using this "unlocked" version to run games rebuilt from iso+mp3?
    I get an emulator crash as soon as the game loads at start... =(
    Ofcourse it works with the Tosec games i find here (but even the locked version works with them).
    I ask this because would be nice to store the games as iso+mp3 and having some decent emulator to use them for playing on the move.
    Tosecs are great but not the best for moving them around when i'm not at home (50gb ^^). So i use tosecs only for collection/storage purpose.
    Thank you again =)