Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Creatronic Mega Duck & Cougar Boy - Games (TOSEC-v2005-05-10)

"The Mega Duck WG-108 (also known as Cougar Boy) is a handheld game console that was produced by several companies (Creatonic, Videojet, and Timlex), and came on the market in 1993. It was sold for about €60 (fl 129,-) mainly in France, the Netherlands, and Germany. In South America (mainly in Brazil), the Chinese-made Creatonic version was distributed by Cougar USA, also known as "Cougar Electronic Organization" , and sold as the "Cougar Boy".

The cartridges are very similar to the ones of the Watara Supervision, but slightly narrower with fewer contacts (36 pins, whereas the Supervision has 40). Conceptually the electronics inside the Supervision and the Mega Duck are also very similar. The position of the volume controls, contrast controls, buttons, and connectors are virtually identical. However, the LCD of the Supervision is larger than the Mega Duck's.

The Cougar Boy came with a 4-in-one game cartridge and a stereo earphone.

With an external joystick (not included) two players could play against each other simultaneously." (Wikipedia)

Download Creatronic Mega Duck & Cougar Boy - Games (TOSEC-v2005-05-10)


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