Friday, 12 December 2008

CPS 1: Logiqx 20081018 Romset

"The CP System (CPシステム shīpī shisutemu) or CPS is an arcade system board by Capcom that debuted in 1988 with Forgotten Worlds. Capcom's popular fighting game Street Fighter II, and its two revisions, Street Fighter II': Champion Edition and Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting, ran on this board.
After a number of arcade game boards designed to run only one game, Capcom embarked upon a project to produce a system board that could be used to run multiple games, in order to reduce hardware costs and make the system more appealing to arcade operators.

The system was plagued by many bootleg versions of its games. In particular, there were so many bootleg versions of Street Fighter II, they were in some countries more common than the official version. This problem was virtually eliminated by Capcom in the later CP System II." (Wikipedia)

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