Thursday, 4 December 2008

Tiger - Gizmondo No-Intro 20070531 Romset

Gizmondo handheld

"The Gizmondo is a handheld gaming console with GPRS and GPS technology, which was manufactured by Tiger Telematics with industrial design by Rick Dickinson.

Launched in 2005, the Gizmondo sold poorly, and by February 2006 the company discontinued the Gizmondo and was forced into bankruptcy. Gizmondo was overshadowed by Stefan Eriksson's involvement in organized crime. In 2008, Carl Freer announced that he had reached an agreement with the liquidators, and planned to re-launch Gizmondo. The Gizmondo 2 is expected to be released by late 2008." (Wikipedia)

No-Intro 20070531 Have List:

  1. [Firmware] Gizmondo Service Pack B (E) (Homebrew Enabled)
  2. Agaju - The Sacred Path (E) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  3. Ball Busters (E) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  4. Carmageddon (E) (M5) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  5. Catapult (E) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  6. Chicane - Jenson Button Street Racing (E) (M5) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  7. Classic Compendium (E) (M6) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  8. Classic Compendium 2 (E) (M6) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  9. Colors (E) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  10. Conflict - Vietnam (E) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  11. Fathammer Classics (E) (M5) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  12. FIFA Football 2005 (E) (M5) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  13. Gizmondo Demo Card (E)
  14. Gizmondo Motocross 2005 (E) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  15. Gizmondo Navigator 2006 (E) (M6) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  16. Hit & Myth (E) (M5) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  17. Hockey Rage 2005 (E) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  18. Interstellar Flames 2 (E) (M5) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  19. Jump (E) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  20. Pocket Ping Pong 2005 (E) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  21. POD - Point of Destruction (E) (M5) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  22. Richard Burns Rally (E) (M5) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  23. SSX 3 (E) (M5) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  24. Sticky Balls (E) (M5) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  25. Supernaturals (E) (Beta) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  26. Toy Golf (E) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
  27. Trailblazer (E) (M5) (Cracked by SHiZMO)
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