Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hartung - Game Master No-Intro 20081125

Hartung - Game Master

"The Game Master is a handheld game console developed by the German company Hartung to compete with the Nintendo Game Boy. The Game Master has a 64 x 64 monochrome LCD screen capable of displaying graphics on par with the Atari 2600. The design was much like the Sega Game Gear with a D-Pad and 2 action buttons. The cartridges resemble those used by the Watara Supervision mainly that the card edge of the cartridge jutted out past the plastic of the cartridge. The Game Master utilizes a 40-pin cartridge port like the Supervision but is not compatible with Supervision games." (Wikipedia)

Have List:

  1. Bubble
  2. Continental Galaxy
  3. Dungeon
  4. Falling Block!.zip
  5. Go
  6. Hyper
  7. Kung Fu
  8. Pin
  9. Space
  10. Tennis
  11. Urban
  12. [BIOS] Hartung Game
Download Hartung - Game Master No-Intro 20081125 from Megaupload:

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