Saturday, 20 December 2008

TESLA PMD-85 - Various (TOSEC-v2005-04-06)


"The PMD 85 was a personal computer produced from 1985 by the companies Tesla Piešťany and Bratislava in the former Czechoslovakia.

They were deployed en masse in schools throughout Slovakia, while the IQ 151 performed a similar role in Czech part of the country.

PMD 85s were famous for their overheating problems, and were jokingly referred to as "coffee machines".

This computer was produced locally due to a lack of foreign currency with which to buy systems from the West[citation needed]. After the fall of socialism in 1989, production of the PMD 85 was stopped. PMD 85 was not competitive in quality or features compared to foreign PCs available at that time." (Wikipedia)

Download TESLA PMD-85 - Various (TOSEC-v2005-04-06) from Megaupload:

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