Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Sega - PICO No-Intro 20081125 Romset

Sega - PICO: Photo

"The Sega Pico, also known as Kids Computer Pico (キッズコンピューター・ピコ, Kizzu Konpyūtā Piko), was an electronic toy by Sega. The aim of creating the Pico was to get more young children to use video game systems. The Sega Pico was designed for ages 2–8 and the slogan was "the computer that thinks it's a toy."

The cartridges were called "Storyware" and were book shaped. Each time a player turned the page of the cartridge the screen changed to replicate the image in the book. The games were controlled by a "magic" pen and buttons. The back page of each book featured a drawing mode, where the player can insert stamps of characters from within the book. All software rated was rated EC - Early Childhood by the ESRB." (Wikipedia)

Download Sega - PICO No-Intro 20081125 Romset from Megaupload:


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